How Propane Fireplace Inserts Can Be Used In Home Design

Fireplace inserts are a great way to redo your home’s fireplace without going through the complex, expensive process of restoring your masonry and chimney.

Fireplace inserts are built to fit directly into your existing fireplace and replace it – thereby allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a brand-new propane fireplace for a reasonable price.

In some cases, fireplaces can even be installed if there is no existing fireplace opening. If a direct-vent model is chosen, you don’t need a chimney either, making this an economical way to add a fully-functioning fireplace to your home.

We’ll take a look at a few of the ways that propane fireplace inserts can be used in home design as lifestyle fireplaces. Take a look, and get inspired with ideas about how you can use fireplace inserts and other propane products for your family lifestyle!

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1. Finished Garages And Basements

A finished garage and basement is a fantastic addition to your home. You can use the additional space for a rec room, man-cave, or an additional lounge or workshop. However, traditional furnaces are often unable to heat these rooms effectively – requiring the use of an alternative method of heating.

A propane fireplace insert is the best way to solve this issue. Because modern, ventless propane fireplace inserts do not require an existing fireplace – or even a chimney – they can be installed in areas that are off-limits to traditional fireplaces.

With a fireplace insert, you can quickly heat your finished basement or garage. This makes it more warm and welcoming, and the gorgeous design of your fireplace insert will make your newly-finished garage or basement feel cozy and comfortable.

2. Renovating Old Fireplaces In A Fixer-Upper

Homes built in the 1900s and earlier often lacked central heating entirely. This means that there are often multiple fireplaces – in living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas of the home.

Restoring old, outdated wood-burning fireplaces is expensive. You must clean and service the flue and chimney, and replacing damaged brickwork can cost an arm and a leg. If you are looking to restore several fireplaces to functionality – for less – gas inserts are a great way to do so.

Gas inserts use their own venting system that can either be piped through an existing chimney or through a wall for direct-vent models. Because they are standalone units, they can be used to replace old, outdated masonry fireplaces quickly and easily.

This can help you save money on central heating, and make your home a more welcoming place for your friends and family.

3. Turn Your Living Room Into The Heart Of Your Home!

There is something deeply comforting and attractive about a fireplace. Everyone loves a warm, beautiful fireplace – and if your home lacks a traditional fireplace, you can still use a gas insert as an alternative!

Gas inserts look and function just like normal fireplaces – and you can build an entire hearth, and mantle around your gas insert. Need more inspiration? Here are some gorgeous gas insert ideas from our gallery!

Gas Inserts – A Great Alternative To Traditional Fireplaces!

Gas inserts are energy-efficient, affordable, and can be installed even in areas where traditional fireplaces can’t! So start thinking about how you can make use of these beautiful, unique products in your home decor today, and choose the product that fits your unique lifestyle!

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