How Much Propane Do You Need for Your Home?

So you’ve made the decision to make propane your main energy source. Congratulations! You’ve chosen an environmentally safe, affordable and readily available product.

The great thing about propane is that it can power stoves, fireplaces, water heaters, and more.
And it’s so easy to have on hand: propane is stored in storage tanks right on your property. Home delivery can be scheduled on an as-needed basis, or even on an automatic plan in which delivery is made on a pre-scheduled arrangement. You can ensure that you have the propane you need, when you need it!

Before you make this change, it’s important to determine how much gas you need. If you’re using propane for some appliances in your home, for instance, you will not need the same storage tank size you’d need for a large commercial building.

This article will take a closer look at determining tank options, size and gas required so you know beforehand what you’ll need to power your home or business.

how much propane do you need

Getting the Propane You Need

Are you running a clothes dryer and a propane insert for your fireplace? A 120-gallon tank will get you through a month or more of fireplace and dryer use depending on how much you use these appliances.

You’d go with a 330-gallon or a 500-gallon propane tank if you’re using this gas to power your home heating system, hot water tank and other appliances. These tank sizes are perfect for homes burning 200-400 gallons of propane gas per month.

Moderate heating and cooking needs can be met over the course of 30 days with a 250-gallon storage tank.

Is propane powering the heating system, multiple appliances and even pool heating system for a large home? Consider the 1,000-gallon storage tank, which is also used in many commercial settings.

Listed below are propane tank sizes and the amount of propane they hold in gallons (keep in mind the 80% fill rule; propane expands, so filling a tank 80% allows for expansion of the gas):

  • 120-gallon: 96
  • 250-gallon: 200
  • 330-gallon: 264
  • 500-gallon: 400
  • 1,000-gallon: 800

And here’s a quick breakdown on the average yearly usage of propane gas in gallons for different products:

  • Furnace: 1,000
  • Hot Water Heater: 250
  • Fireplace: 200
  • Clothes dryer: 20

When it comes to tanks, you can also choose from above- and underground units. Underground tanks are great if you’re concerned about aesthetics, and they’ll also provide you with more yard space if that’s an issue. But a 120-, 330- or even 500-gallon aboveground storage tank is sufficient in many cases. It mainly comes down to personal taste and cost.

Always use a professional propane company for storage tank installations for safety purposes (for instance, all but 120-gallon tank should be set at a minimum 10 feet from a home or building).

Get the Propane You Need at Diversified Energy

When it comes to propane storage tank installation, home delivery and other commercial or residential propane needs, you can count on Diversified Energy.

With eight service center locations throughout North Carolina and one in Mount Joy, PA, Diversified Energy serves more than 25,000 customers in NC and PA as well as portions of VA and SC.

Stop by a service center or call 1-800-719-1194 to get more information. Our experienced staff can answer all your questions about propane usage, products and more. Ask about our automatic home delivery system: the amount of propane you need to be delivered without you making a single phone call or needing to monitor your tank.

With help from the pros, you can ensure that you’ll get the right type of storage tank and the exact amount of propane you need each month to keep your home warm, your water hot and your kitchen filled with the good scents of home cooking.