Green Mountain Grills – Say Hello to the Next Wave of Grilling

Welcome to the new generation of North Carolina outdoor grilling!

If you live in the state, you know well that using your grill can be a nearly year-round thing. Propane grills are as North Carolinian as grits, sweet tea, and Cheerwine.

But what if you don’t want a grill that needs a propane gas supply?
Well, charcoal could be one way to go. Sure, charcoal grills are great, and we all remember that wonderful smell of summer charcoal barbecuing from our childhood. But let’s face it, charcoal grills can be kind of messy and require a bit of cleaning up time after the party’s over.

Say hello to the next wave of grilling: pellet grills. Hardwood cooking pellets used in Green Mountain Pellet Grills can add unique wood flavor to your food. There are other benefits, too. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Pellet Grills?

In addition to the taste, you’ll get from a pellet grill (smoke-flavor without being too smoke-flavored) that you simply won’t get from propane grills, pellet grills are easy to use and even easier to clean. There’s very low ash produced by a pellet grill.

Versatility is another plus when talking about pellet grills. You can be a veritable outdoor chef when you use one of these grills: smoke, roast, bake and yes, just plain grill. What’s more Carolinian than pulled pork?

Well, do it the traditional way: with wood! Slow-cooked pork over hardwood (just like the hardwood pellets that come with Green Mountain Pellet Grills) is about as traditional as you can get! Don’t forget the vinegar-based BBQ sauce, of course.

There’s also the wide temperature range offered by pellet grills. Unlike a grill with a propane gas supply, a pellet grill can maintain a wide temperature range and does not flare up; thus, you can cook it fast or slow, on low or high heat.

You can really get that pork shoulder the perfect “outside brown” the way it’s supposed to be served. Put the traditional coleslaw on that, and you’ll have many happy and satisfied guests at your next barbecue!

If, as they say in North Carolina, you’re “fixin’ to have some barbecue”, there’s no better or traditional way to do it than over some heated hardwood pellets. Get yourself a Green Mountain pellet grill and Y’all won’t regret it!

Get Your Green Mountain Pellet Grill from Diversified Energy

If you live in Greensboro, Wake Forest or Wilmington, NC, and you’re sold on the many benefits of a pellet grill, you’re in luck: Diversified Energy has offices in or near these cities and they sell Green Mountain Pellet Grills.

Whether you’re looking for the smaller Daniel Boone model that’s great for small gatherings or the rack of ribs-sized Jim Bowie that allows you to feed the entire block, Diversified Energy can make sure you’re the master outdoor chef of your NC neighborhood.

Contact Diversified Energy at 800-719-1104 to inquire about our services, which includes the sale of pellet and propane grills as well as propane gas supply installation and maintenance.

Whether you’re going propane or pellet, Diversified Energy makes sure you join the long-time tradition of North Carolina barbecuing!