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First Step for Your Summer Cookout – Find the Right Propane Grill

Summer is sun, swimming pools, surfing, sandy beaches…and propane grills.

Let’s face it: summer wouldn’t be complete without a few backyard barbecues where thick juicy steaks, hamburgers, or chicken breasts are sizzling on a propane grill. Who doesn’t love a Fourth of July barbecue? Or celebrating the unofficial end of the summer season by firing up the propane grill on Labor Day weekend?

It all started back in the 1960s, when two Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company employees, William Wepfer and Melton Lancaster, designed a grill that ran on bottled propane rather than charcoal. This easier-to-use product caught on quickly and soon became a staple on backyard patios, decks, and porches across the United States.

Today, there are more than 20 grill manufacturers in the U.S. churning out various styles of propane grills to American consumers; in 2016, nearly 1.5 billion dollars was spent in the U.S. on the purchase of grills. In the same year, the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) reported that 55% of Americans stated having a picnic or barbecue was their favorite summertime activity.

So, now it’s your turn: you’re sold on propane grill benefits and you’re in the market for a new propane grill to start your own family backyard traditions. Let’s take a closer look at propane grill benefits and models.

Benefits of a Propane Grill

First, let’s look at why it could be preferable to have a propane grill versus a charcoal grill. From ease of use to food taste, there are several (some arguable) benefits of having a propane grill.

These would include:

  • Easy to start (for propane grills, as easy as turning on the gas and a burner and pressing an ignition button)
  • Temperature adjustment (charcoal is one temperature; with a propane grill, you can turn individual burners off or down to control the temperature)
  • Easy to clean (no ashes or chunks of charcoal to clean up; propane just burns CLEANER. A quick wipe down in many cases can do the trick)

When it comes to the taste of barbecued food, here’s where an argument could be made about benefits: some might prefer the smokier taste your meat will get when cooked on a charcoal grill. But it’s inarguable that a propane grill allows for even heating and moister meats since propane grills produce more steam rather than smoke.

So, now the only question that remains is which of our propane grills would be best for you?

Broilmaster Grills

From recently introduced stainless steel grills to infrared grills, slow cookers, and more, Broilmaster has been providing top-quality and high-performance grills since 1966.

You can choose from five Premium, two Deluxe, or six Stainless Steel grills as well as two Infrared models. Accessories include rotisserie kits, infrared panels, griddles, flavor enhancers, and more.


With more than 40 propane grill models to choose from, Char-Broil offers innovative and performance-driven grills for everyone from novice cooks to outdoor chefs. Choose from Performance, Signature, and Commercial Series models that can grill from a few up to 29 burgers at a clip. TRU-Infrared cooking technology is available to give you juicier food with more even heat distribution and higher temps. Cook meat like you’d get at your favorite restaurant!

Green Mountain Grills

Pioneer grill maker Green Mountain introduces the wood pellet grill: a series of grills that cooks with wood pellets to give food a smoky flavor. If that’s your thing, Green Mountain could have the grill for you. Choose from three models of grills named after pioneers Davy Crockett (the smallest), Daniel Boone, and Jim Bowie (the largest—holds 12 racks of ribs!). Enjoy WiFi controls, digital controller, thermal sensor, and meat probe.

Phoenix Grills

Made from cast aluminum and stainless steel, a Phoenix Grill guarantees you’re getting a durable and well-made product. Offered by Modern Home Products, the first outdoor grill was introduced in 1960, and today you can choose from two fabricated or two cast aluminum end cap models with stainless steel grill heads, cast aluminum drip pans, mesh cooking grids, and more.

Primo Grills

With a unique ceramic shell, a Primo gas grill is great for locking in juices and avoiding the drying out of your grilled meats, as the ceramic retains the heat without radiating too much heat the way a metal shell tends to do. Stainless steel cooking grates, a large cooking area, and flavor grids are just some other features that make Primo a prime choice.

Twin Eagles

High quality 30-, 36-, 42-, and 54-inch propane grills constructed of stainless steel are offered by Twin Eagles Grill. Sleek and stylish, these grills are built-in premium models: innovative designs for those seeing a totally unique look to their outdoor area. Power and side burners, warming drawers, and utensil storage drawers are just some accessories you can add to a Twin Eagles top-of-the-line propane grill.

Ready to get your grill on?

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