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Diversified Doesn’t Only Specialize in Residential Propane, Check out These Commercial Propane Uses!

You may have yet to learn, but homes are not the only structures that use propane as an energy source. Often considered a primary means to heat the grill, propane has several uses in the commercial sector. 

Commercial Propane Use Ideas 

A clean burning fuel, propane doesn’t release any harmful toxins into the atmosphere, and it’s easy to install, operate, and maintain, making this perfect for commercial businesses. Propane can also help business owners save energy and cut down on costs. 

Here are some of the most widely accepted commercial uses of propane:


Utilized by both large corporate-owned restaurants and the local family-owned diner, propane helps provide heating and cooling for all of your restaurant’s needs. Whether powering cooktops, ovens, or a commercial propane deep fryer, propane is often the fuel of choice for its clean burning. 

When running a successful restaurant, propane is the dynamic fuel source you need to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

Commercial Heating and Cooling

As an energy source, propane is one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your business. Propane is one of the most efficient and energy-saving ways to heat large buildings like warehouses or factories. 

With endless possibilities for what type of business a commercial propane heater can service, we can help you find the right heating source for your needs. 

Industrial Processing 

One of the most dynamic commercial uses of propane is in industrial processing. The flexibility of propane as a fuel source allows it to be used in various industries, such as producing plastic, running machinery, processing heat, and even melting metal. 

Since propane burns at a high temperature of 3,598 degrees Fahrenheit, propane is often used to melt metals like aluminum, brass, and bronze. 

Auto Gas and Forklifts 

Another usage of propane gas that is not as widely known as the others is auto gas. We anticipate the use of propane in auto gas to be a significant growing force in our industry over the next decade. 

Automobile companies have produced truck and car propane models that have received some strong performance reviews. The power efficiency and low carbon emissions make propane auto gas both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

Warehouses across the country also utilize propane daily to power their forklifts. The cost-cutting fuel source saves money and does not emit dangerous gas into the warehouse. 

Unlike their electric-powered counterparts, propane-fueled forklifts do not have any downtime to charge, increasing warehouse efficiency. Propane is also extremely low maintenance, making it the ideal fuel for this commercial use!

Benefits of Using Propane Commercially 

Other than having several uses for the commercial sector, propane has countless benefits for you and your business. Here is just a sample of a few significant benefits of propane usage. 

It Will Save You Money 

Just like a residential building, utilities can be costly! Don’t let the initial upfront cost of propane equipment deter you from investing in this cost-saving fuel. 

While the initial purchase may be expensive, this is an investment in long-term spending. Commercial propane furnaces have an average energy rating of 90 percent or above. On the contrary, their oil-fueled counterparts often average around 60 percent efficiency. 

This amounts to some significant long-term savings! Propane water heaters can also save a bundle in any company’s monthly utility bill. 

Propane is Extremely Safe

Propane is far less flammable than natural gas and electricity, making it one of the safest fuel sources for commercial use. One of the safest fuels on the market, propane, will not ignite when combined with air unless the source reaches a temperature of at least 940 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Propane is Environmentally Friendly 

Propane is a clean-burning fuel source, emitting far less into the air than gasoline-fueled alternatives. The burning of fossil fuels emits far more significant amounts of toxins and carcinogens into the atmosphere than commercial propane tanks. 

Propane is Versatile

As you can see from this article, propane is a jack of all trades regarding a green fuel source. With applications for virtually any commercial industry you can think of, propane is used daily to power businesses across the globe.   

Propane is Highly Efficient 

Arguably one of the most efficient energy sources, propane tanks typically lose around 10% of fuel during combustion. Power plants usually lose about two-thirds of the energy used to generate electricity. 

With only 10% of the fuel wasted, propane is a great heating source that will retain more heat and not waste any as you try to heat your building. 

It is Easy to Transport and Install

Easily transported, propane tanks can be installed almost anywhere. Whether above or below ground, you will still be able to utilize the efficiency of this fuel. 

Propane water heaters are also typically smaller and will take up less space in your commercial business, making this ideal for small local businesses.  

About Diversified Energy

Established in 2000 by 19 of North Carolina’s Electric Membership Cooperatives, Diversified Energy has grown to become the 31st largest propane retailer in the United States. As the demand for propane gas continues to grow, Diversified Energy prides itself on making it affordable for homes and businesses. 

Diversified Energy services locations in North Carolina with locations in Ahoskie, Dunn, Greensboro, Rich Square, Shallotte, Wake Forest, Wallace, and Wilmington. We also have one location in Mount Joy, PA. 

Servicing both residential and commercial businesses, Diversified Energy has the equipment and personnel to provide you with everything you need. We offer a wide variety of propane equipment and services to help businesses operate efficiently, cut costs, and improve the environment.  

We provide 24-hour service to restaurant owners and industrial businesses, ensuring that your investment is safe with us. We also provide installations for large industrial companies, offering tanks as large as 1,000 to 30,000 gallons.  

Contact Us Today!

If you’re ready to work with a team that always puts its customers first, contact Diversified Energy today! We have a friendly and resourceful staff that is eager is assist with all your propane needs.

Offering some of the most flexible delivery services in the industry, we provide two different delivery services to our customers. Full transport direct ship and metered services, so we can adhere to whichever delivery type is best for you.  

Like most services, propane gas prices fluctuate. Diversified Energy offers our customers options to manage their propane needs based on heating seasons personally. We typically provide these two options during mid to late summer: 

Cap Price 

With a cap price, customers have peace of mind that their winter usage will not exceed a specific price. The cap price includes a small sign-up cost followed by an easy monthly payment plan. 

 Lock Price

This option has a price locked in per gallon. Anticipated consumption gallons are paid in advance or three bi-monthly payments. 

Are you ready to take the first step toward a better, more cost-effective future? Diversified Energy can help convert your building, restaurant, or truck fleet to propane gas. 
When it comes to commercial propane use, no one in the industry is better than Diversified Energy. Give us a call and find out for yourself. If you are considering switching to commercial propane gas, contact us today and find out more!