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Celebrate National Pizza Day on Your Propane Grill This Year!

It’s February, so to all you lovers out there, Happy…National Pizza Day?

Before you get to February’s most popular Valentine’s Day, February 9th marks National Pizza Day. If you love pizza like so many do (an estimated 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in the United States!), celebrate the day by firing up your propane grill!

No, we haven’t completely lost it. Your grill isn’t just for hamburgers and hot dogs for summer barbecues. Grilling is a great way to prepare pizza.

We’ll give you some pizza grill ideas, tell you how to use a pizza stone for grill purposes, and how to grill pizza for that perfect slice every time.

We’re betting lots of dough that once you know how to make pizza in this way, you may celebrate National Pizza Day in front of your grill every year.

National Pizza Day

Everything from chili to waffles has a day dedicated to it, so why not pizza?

Although pizza has been around since its origins in Naples, Italy, in the 10th century and the first pizzeria was opened in America in 1905, National Pizza Day did not begin until the start of the 21st century (sometime around 2000). By whom and in precisely what year is not clear, but suffice to say that it has caught on and that baked flatbread topped with tomato sauce and cheese has enjoyed its day of recognition ever since.

With over three billion pizzas sold across the U.S. each year, it’s clear that many people love this food item and likely celebrate on February 9th. In celebration, it has been suggested that you should eat two slices of your favorite type of pizza. It’s also highly recommended to try something new on this day: a different topping, a new crust, or to create your own…which would, of course, include grilling!

While you can, of course, continue grilling pizza throughout the year, you might note that other essential days for pizza lovers include National Deep Dish Pizza Day on April 5th, National Cheese Pizza Day on September 5th, and National Sausage Pizza Day on October 11th.

Any excuse to get outside and grill up a tasty pizza is a fine day!

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How to Grill a Pizza

You can simply toss a frozen or homemade pizza directly on your grill grates if you so choose. Or, you can get a pizza stone, which holds heat and acts similarly to a brick oven, so you’re assured of a great baked pizza.

Let’s look at both ways to grill a pizza and choose which works best for you.

Grill a Pizza on the Grill Grates

Preheat the grill. It’s best to get the grill up to 425-450 degrees.

Before placing your frozen or formed homemade dough on the grates, brush the underside of the dough lightly with olive oil. Bake a thin pizza for about 90 seconds, and those with the thicker crust for 3-5 minutes.

Then, take the pizza off the grill and flip it over on a clean surface. Brush oil on the unbaked side, then prepare your pizza however you like it best. If you’re like about half of pizza consumers, you’ll add pepperoni, but you can add any toppings you wish. Note: if adding vegetables, it’s best to fry those up before putting them on your pizza. Veggies tend to release water when cooked, so placing raw vegetables on your pizza could result in unwanted sogginess.

When your pizza has been prepared to your liking, it’s back to the grill for the same amount of time as before.

Grill a Pizza on a Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are made from iron, steel, ceramic, or clay. So first, get a pizza stone in the material you want and the size that best fits your grill. You’ll find pizza stones for sale at many major retail stores or online.

It’s essential to place the pizza stone on the grill before preheating it. If you place a ceramic or claystone on a hot grill, you might crack the stone. Plus, you’ll want the stone to be at the right temperature to cook your pizza.

Tip: not sure if the stone is up to the required 550-degree temperature? Just sprinkle some cornmeal or grits on it. If it smolders, you’re good to go. The stone is too hot should the cornmeal or grits catch fire quickly! Adjust the temperature as needed and do another test.

When you’re confident the stone is at the proper temperature, place your fully assembled pizza on it. A thin crust will take about 3-5 minutes, thicker dough 6-10 minutes. Viola! Grilled pizza. Either method you’ve chosen, you’re now ready to enjoy pizza like never before.

Baking pizza is possible on a pizza stone as well. Use lower temperatures (350-425 degrees) and let the pizza bake for about 10-12 minutes.

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Best Grills for Grilling Pizza

If you’re not sure if your grill is up to the task of grilling the perfect pizza, know that not all grills are created equal.

Those with infrared technology ensure high heat grilling work best for grilling pizza. Pizza ovens get up to 900 degrees, so grills capable of achieving and retaining high temperatures are most effective when grilling pizza. Don’t worry: infrared was once available only on pricey models, but it’s become more common on affordable grills.

Propane grills manufactured by Napoleon Grills often appear high on the list of the best grills available noted for their quality, affordability, and value. To grill pizza, Napoleon grills feature roll-top lids designed to retain heat, which is precisely what you want to grill a pizza to perfection.

Top models like the Prestige, Prestige Pro, Rogue, and Built-In 700 series all provide infrared burners, so you have the best technology available to grill your pizza the way it should be grilled.

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