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Benefits of Cooking with Gas vs. Electric

With all of the great propane use ideas, such as heating your home and your water for hot baths and washing dishes, cooking ranks right up there. Once you know how to cook with propane, you might never want to cook any other way.

If you’ve ever heard anyone use the phrase “cooking with gas”, you know they are referring to being effective or successful at a given task or being on the right track to complete a task. So, cooking with gas is a good thing. And many of our various partner brands offer all the right equipment to do it incredibly well.

Cooking with propane gas has many benefits overcooking with an electric appliance. So, don’t be afraid to power up your propane stovetop or propane gas cooktop and start making your favorite foods.

From savings on your energy bill to spending less when purchasing a gas stove, you’ll find several advantages when you choose to literally apply the phrase “cooking with gas” to your life.

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Energy Efficiency

Everyone likes to save a few dollars on their energy bill, right? Well, when you’re cooking with propane gas, you can achieve this and still enjoy all the dinners you cooked before.

Based on a stove being used just 30 minutes per day, you would spend nearly three-quarters less per year than you would if you were heating an electric stove for the same amount of time.

Have a pot you need to simmer? On a gas cooktop, you’ll be able to do so at a lower temperature than on an electric stovetop. Also, pre-heat time for a propane gas stove is half that of an electric stove, so there are even more savings for you. It all adds up!

Versatile for Cooking

Need to turn the heat up—or down—when cooking a few different items on your stovetop? If you have a propane-powered stove, you’ll find that the heat responds pretty instantly to such adjustments, while an electric stove does not. If you need the heat turned down on an electric stove it takes a bit for the temperature to go down. Thus, a propane stove allows you to cook various foods at different temperatures with the ability to make quick adjustments along the way.

With the open flame of a gas stove, you also have the versatility of using different cooking methods. You can char or flambé a dish if a said dish calls for either of these, while you do not have these options on an electric stove.

propane stovetop


Right off the bat, you’ll find savings when you choose to start cooking with propane gas: a gas stove costs less than an electric stove.

Depending on the unit you’re in the market for, you could save anywhere between $250 and $1,700 when purchasing a gas cooktop or gas stove over one powered by electricity.


In this corner, we have a gas stove; in the other, an electric stove. Suddenly, there’s a power outage! Guess which one you can still use in this situation?

Yes, propane products can be used when you lose power, so you can still cook for your family during this crisis. So, if you’re looking for dependability, put your money on the propane stove.

Durability might also be important to you. Again, it’s a gas stove for the win. The range top of an electric stove, typically glass or ceramic, is much less durable than the usual cast iron top of a gas stovetop or cooktop. In addition, the elements of an electric stove tend to wear out more quickly than gas ignition parts on a gas stove.

Safety Precautions when Cooking with Propane

There are of course more safety precautions to be aware of when using a gas stove rather than an electric one; however, this should not deter you when you compare the benefits of cooking with propane over electric as risks of a gas leak are extremely low.

Gas Up Your Home

Cooking with propane offers a lot of benefits, especially if your home is already powered by propane! Take a look at what else propane offers, and call us to get started today!

A good safety feature of gas stoves vs. electric stoves is that the cooktop on a gas stove cools off much more quickly than an electric one; a burner on an electric stove might appear cool but is still actually hot and this could lead to burns if you’re not aware. Also, for safety reasons, it is recommended to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home when you have a propane gas stove.

Ensuring that knobs are always OFF when the stove is not in use is important. Also, having a professional like those you’ll find when you choose Diversified Energy as your propane supplier to install your gas line and connect your gas stove goes a long way toward preventing any problems.