A Diversified customer using online bill pay for her propane bill

Benefits and Ease of Online Bill Pay

If you’re enjoying propane as your main or alternative energy source, you already know the many benefits: no carbon footprint, the comfort of having power when the electric goes out, and of course the cost-savings of using this clean, abundant gas.

To make propane use even easier for their more than 25,000 customers in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, as well as portions of South Carolina and Virginia, Diversified Energy offers convenient Online Bill Pay.

Using this automatic bill pay system, you can pay for propane delivery in just seconds by simply logging into your account. Or, to make life even easier, you can choose to have payments auto-drafted from your bank account.

Relying on a customizable Fuel Distribution System with modules such as Dispatch Manager (which allows for the tracking of customers’ delivery requests and when delivery of propane is due) and a Smart Phone App for drivers, technicians, and other out-of-office personnel to access customer information including fuel capacities and pricing, Diversified is dedicated to making payments as effortless as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at how easy propane online bill pay for all of Diversified Energy propane services (such as delivery, installation, and maintenance) helps to make Diversified customers happy and satisfied customers.

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Manage Account

How easy is it to manage your account as a Diversified Energy customer?

Diversified offers two options so you can budget accordingly and eliminate any surprises during both on- and off-season propane pricing changes.

The Cap Price option allows you to pay a pre-determined amount during the winter months when propane might be priced at its highest so that your cost will not exceed a specific level. You’ll pay a minimal start-up fee, but the monthly amount is set and is immune to any rise in the cost of propane during the season.

In the Lock Price option, you pay a set amount for six months, paid in advance or in three bi-monthly installments. With this option, any fluctuations in the market price of propane do not affect you.

Choose one of these options and use the Diversified Energy Online Bill Pay system and make your propane experience simple and affordable.


Why take time to write and mail checks? Or make payments over the phone or use Diversified’s propane online bill pay when you can have your payment automatically drafted from your bank account?

Diversified offers an auto-draft option that is the simplest way you can assure that your obligation is met without having to remember when your bill is due. Diversified does it for you!
This payment format is especially convenient if you’re using the Cap Price or Lock Price—your bill is already at a set monthly amount, so you know exactly what’s coming out of your account and when. Eliminate the possibility of late charges on your account if you forget to pay by the due date and have the bill paid through auto-draft.

Between this payment option and the use of the automatic “Watchdog” delivery system that brings propane to you without having to make a single phone call, all you need to do as a Diversified Energy customer is sit back and enjoy the warmth of your propane fireplace, the food cooked on your propane stove or grill, and the hot showers resulting from your propane-fueled water heater.

Request Delivery

If you’re more comfortable with monitoring your own propane use, don’t worry: Diversified’s automatic delivery system is not forced on any customer. There is a Will Call option that allows customers to schedule deliveries themselves.

And, it doesn’t matter whether you purchase an above- or underground propane storage tank from Diversified or have your own tank—if you’re a Diversified Energy customer, you’ll get your propane delivered either way.

What’s more, Diversified Energy has a 24-hour emergency service. Whether you suspect a leak or have run out of propane and need to power your main or alternate heat source during a mid-season cold spell, Diversified has highly trained technicians ready to dispatch to your home quickly.

Diversified Energy’s Customer Commitment

With a deep belief in customer service, whether it’s through deliveries, installations, or the ease of Online Bill Pay for its many customers, Diversified Energy is committed to dependability, convenience, and reliability when it comes to propane services.

Gas Up Your Home

Propane already provides such a good experience, we can only make it better by making it easier to pay your bill! Let us help you transform your home!

Through any of the Diversified’s nine locations (eight throughout NC and one in Mount Joy, PA), you can access the Customer Login/Bill Pay link, register, and get started on the most effortless way to make your payments for propane delivery and other services. If you have any problems with registering or other issues with the Online Bill Pay system, you can call any of Diversified’s locations to get assistance.

Automatic bill pay + automatic propane delivery = automatic customer satisfaction. That’s Diversified Energy’s customer commitment that it works hard to live up to every day.