A family grilling out on their propane powered outdoor kitchen

4 Reasons You Should Invest in a Propane-Powered Outdoor Kitchen

Looking for some neat propane use ideas that could increase your property value and give you more time and reasons to enjoy your outdoors?

If you live in a state where it stays warmer longer and you have the opportunity to spend time at your outdoor grill well into October and maybe even early November, how about adding an outdoor kitchen to your home?

Outdoor kitchens with propane give you all the conveniences of your indoor kitchen while allowing you to enjoy a nice warm spring or fall evening and give you the ability to enjoy meals outside without having to go in and out to warm up food, get cold drinks, or grab a pot or other utensil you might need. You can fully stock an outdoor kitchen with not only a stove and grill but a refrigerator, ice maker, oven, barbecue or fire pit, and cabinets to store extra plates, glasses, mugs, and cooking and eating utensils.

While there are many reasons why you might find outdoor kitchen ideas beneficial, let’s take a look at four reasons why you should invest in a propane-powered outdoor kitchen to add beauty, practicality, and increased opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment to your home.

Energy Saver

A beautiful outdoor kitchen complete with grill, sink, and countertops

Is your indoor kitchen stove running on electricity? You can save some money by cooking your meal on your outdoor propane stove instead!

And heating up that indoor oven on a hot summer day is going to really warm up the house, so chances are your A/C just might be called into action a bit more. The end result? A slightly increased energy bill, of course!

Propane is cheaper to use than electricity across the board, so using an outdoor kitchen instead of cooking inside is going to be a less expensive way to prepare meals for your family and friends.

Expands Living Space

A beautiful pond side outdoor kitchen power by diversified

If you enjoy having company often, you know that it can sometimes get a little crowded there in the kitchen when you set out the appetizers and drinks before dinner. And it can get a bit packed when getting everyone seated inside at the kitchen or dining room table.

An outdoor kitchen gives you a lot more room to entertain. If you’ve added a kitchen island and outdoor bar to your outdoor kitchen space, it’s a perfect place to set up snacks and drinks while your guests mingle on the deck, on the lawn—likely much more space than indoors!

Increases Property Value

The term “two is better than one” is true in many cases…and that would include having two kitchens as opposed to one. 

Outdoor kitchens with propane are simply an extension of your indoor kitchen; they increase your cooking and eating space and increase the value of your home compared to those that have only a single kitchen. An outdoor kitchen adds valuable square footage that will only up the value of your home.

Your outdoor appliances and cabinets will likely be stainless steel to stand up against various weather conditions, which will add to the quality and value of your outdoor kitchen and ultimately, your home. Investing in the best quality materials for your outdoor kitchen is definitely a smart move.

Cooking Opportunities are Endless

In your indoor kitchen, you might be able to broil or bake…but a fully stocked outdoor kitchen expands your cooking opportunities. Some dishes are simply best when grilled: you can have that chance if you’ve added a grill to your outdoor kitchen. And some grilled dishes just might be better for you than deep-fried or baked recipes, as fat tends to drip off of grilled meats and allows for a leaner meal.

A grill or barbecue pit is a great place to toast marshmallows or make s’mores for a late-night dessert, so you can add some delicious options to further entertain guests or make the kids happy after dinner has been consumed.

Make Your Outdoor Kitchen a Reality!

When you partner with the right propane retailer like Diversified Energy, which services North Carolina as well as parts of South Carolina, Virginia, and areas in and around Mt. Joy, PA, you’ll find it’s easier to make your outdoor kitchen a reality than you think!

Diversified Energy offers various propane-powered products for the home, including grills, outdoor fireplaces, and outdoor kitchen appliances. They can also assist in the layout of your outdoor kitchen and install propane gas lines and propane storage tanks, not to mention, provide automatic “watchdog” propane delivery service, so you’re guaranteed to always have the amount of propane you need.

If you live within any of Diversified Energy’s service areas, be sure to join its more than 25,000 satisfied customers and get ready to add the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of to your home. The only risk is that you just might make your indoor kitchen jealous, as you spend more and more time enjoying the outdoors in your beautiful, fully functional outdoor kitchen with propane.

Gas Up Your Home

There are few things in the world better than grilling outside! Take a look at what propane can do for you, and let us help you repower your home!

But considering the likely return on investment, increased property value, expanded living space, and increased opportunities to get outside and enjoy your yard more, that’s a risk well worth taking!