grilling burgers

First Step for Your Summer Cookout – Find the Right Propane Grill

Summer is sun, swimming pools, surfing, sandy beaches…and propane grills. Let’s face it: summer wouldn’t be complete without a few backyard barbecues where thick juicy steaks, hamburgers, or chicken breasts are sizzling on a propane grill. Who doesn’t love a... Read more

Outdoor patio gas lighting

Have You Considered Propane Gas Lighting?

We’re all familiar with propane grills, fireplaces, ovens, water heaters…even propane pool heaters and generators. But propane gas lights? It’s a fairly new concept to many, but it is transforming the ways people light their homes. So what is propane... Read more

Outdoor propane fireplace

Upgrade Your Outdoor Patio with a Propane Fireplace

During the spring and summer months, you’re likely to be found relaxing on your outdoor patio. Comfy furniture? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Outdoor bar? Check. So, what else could you need to complete your outdoor patio setting? You might upgrade... Read more

View of a propane grill sitting outside

Benefits of Propane Grills vs. Charcoal Grills

Arguably, the best smell of summertime is a grill: the aroma of hamburgers, ribs, or any other meats cooking out in the warm season air says “It’s Summer” almost as much as the rising temps and the cicadas singing in... Read more

Hot water facet

Save Money on Hot Water Bills by Using Propane for Water Heating

“I’m not tired of paying high utility bills,” said no one ever. Reducing energy and water bills are likely among the goals of every homeowner in the U.S. So how do you go about it? When it comes to hot... Read more

Plan ahead when buying propane so you can save money.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Propane for Home Heating?

When you go grocery shopping, you might typically go armed with a list of only those items you need at the time. The same mentality does not, however, apply when it comes time to buying propane for your home heating... Read more

Diversified Energy - Gas Inserts

What is the Difference Between Propane and Natural Gas?

Unlike the famous word from the constitution, all gases are not created equal. For instance, when it comes to your home, you can choose between propane gas and natural gas. Both will get the job done. Either can be used... Read more

Learn about how propane is made

How is Propane Made and Bottled?

Meet a member of the liquefied gas family! Ever had your gas grill propane tank refilled and wonder just how that propane was produced and how it got to the supplier? Today we’ll learn a little bit about this process.... Read more

how much propane to refill mid winter

How Much Propane Do You Need Delivered When Refueling Mid-Winter?

Has winter been brutally cold or are you enjoying a relatively mild winter? This is an important question when it comes to refilling your residential propane tank in the middle of the season. If you use propane to heat your... Read more

how much propane do you need

How Much Propane Do You Need for Your Home?

So you’ve made the decision to make propane your main energy source. Congratulations! You’ve chosen an environmentally safe, affordable and readily available product. The great thing about propane is that it can power stoves, fireplaces, water heaters, and more. And... Read more