Regency Stoves

Enjoy the Convenience and Efficiency of Gas Stoves

If you’re looking for a clean and reliable secondary heat source for your home, why not consider a look that combines the traditional with the contemporary?

You can achieve this look by considering gas stoves or propane stoves.

Modern stoves, for the most part, retain the look and feel of old-fashioned wood-burning stoves. They offer more sleek designs so these gas stoves will fit into the decor of contemporary homes.

If you’re in the market for propane stoves, you might start your hunt with Regency, a leading fireplace, and stove manufacturer that’s been in business since 1979. Regency’s team of designers and engineers utilize the latest technologies to produce high-quality and innovative products.
Regency stoves are efficient and durable and add elegance and sufficient heat to any home. Find out more about the six models of gas stoves offered by this leading manufacturer by reading below.

Regency Stoves: Products You Can Count On

When you are considering Regency stoves, you can choose from the Classic, three models in the Hampton Series or two in the Ultimate Series.
With the Classic you get, as expected, a modern replica of the wood-burning stove with such features as Proflame remote control, convector airmate and your choice of a pedestal or iron legs base. This is a direct-vent model.

In the Ultimate Series, you can choose between the U38 and U39 models. Both provide 40,000 BTUs of heat and Proflame remote control. The former is a B-vent model, while the latter offers direct vent technology.

The Hampton Series of propane stoves includes:
H15: this small gas stove provides 18,000 BTUs of heat and the option to turn down the heat 50%, so you can create ambiance without the heat
H27: direct-vent technology and 25,000 BTUs of heat, with turn down BTUs of 18,000, makes this a prime choice to heat medium to large spaces
H35: the largest option, this model provides a generous 30,000 BTUs; choose from brown, sand or charcoal gray finishes and decorate glass grille
All of the Hampton gas stoves have integrated accent lights, Proflame II remote controls and electronic ignition with SureFire switches.

Regency Stoves Available from Diversified Energy

No matter what style of Regency stoves you choose, you can turn to Diversified Energy, a leader in the propane industry, to purchase the unit and have it installed.

If you’re a resident of North Carolina or Pennsylvania, you can visit a Diversified Energy office (eight located through North Carolina, one Mount Joy, PA) to see these propane stoves for yourself and ask trained personnel about how these stoves work.

You can also discuss the many services that Diversified Energy offers. From automatic home delivery to commercial product installation, this industry leader is your go-to for all propane needs. They supply above- and below-ground storage tanks, maintenance services and a wide range of propane products, from grills and stoves to fireplaces and water heaters.

Call Diversified Energy at 800-719-1104 or stop by the nearest office and get all the details you need about gas stoves and more.
When it comes to Regency stoves, Diversified Energy is ready to have a “heated” discussion!