Regency Inserts

Insert More Comfort and Efficiency Into Your Home

Did you know old fireplaces can be drafty and cause your home to lose heat? This, of course, results in you driving up your thermostat, which will, in turn, drive up your heating bills.

The easy way to remedy this situation is with gas fireplace inserts!

There are a lot of benefits to going with fireplace inserts. Not only do they eliminate those costly drafts, they also provide an efficient and reliable source of heat in the event that your furnace goes down or you have a power outage that knocks out your electric heat.

Propane fireplace inserts also do away with the messiness of a wood-burning fireplace. And propane gas is a clean source of energy! So turn down your furnace and turn up the fire in your gas fireplace insert. Watch your bills go down and your comfort level goes up.

If you’re now convinced that fireplace inserts are the way to go, who can you turn to?

Regency, begun in 1979, is a leader in the design and manufacture of propane inserts, fireplaces, and stoves. They offer a wide range of fireplace inserts.

Below you will find details about Regency inserts that will help you choose what best suits your needs.

Regency Propane Fireplace Inserts and Gas Fireplace Inserts

Currently, Regency offers 11 models of direct- and B-vent fireplace inserts.
Sleek, high efficiency, compact and clean face design are just some of the words and phrases used to describe Regency inserts.
The three models of gas and propane inserts carried by this manufacturer include the Liberty, Horizon, and Energy. More details about each are found below:

  • Liberty LR13E: offers a 323-square inch viewing area; 50% turndown control system; variable speed heat blower; electronic ignition
  • Liberty LR14E: 357-square inch viewing area; Proflame remote control; electronic ignition with SureFire switch
  • Liberty LR16E: standard heat circulating blower; generous 516-square inch viewing area
  • Liberty L234: small direct vent unit perfect for basements

The Horizon Series (HR13E, HR14E and HR16E) are similar to the Liberty Series but offer linear firebeds with accentuating glass crystals or firebeads.

And with the Energy Series, you get four options: three B-vent and one direct-vent model for uses in medium rooms, townhouses, condos and older homes.

All Regency inserts offer options for surrounds and each provides a safety screen and remote control.

Diversified Energy a Distributor and Installer of Regency Inserts

Two leaders in their respective industries have partnered to bring you Regency fireplace inserts.

Diversified Energy, a propane supply company with offices throughout North Carolina and a location in Pennsylvania, displays Regency inserts in its showrooms. Stop in to see how these gas fireplace inserts work and ask any questions you might have regarding operations and installation.

Also find out more about Diversified Energy’s services, from residential and commercial propane delivery and product installations and maintenance.
Call 800-719-1104 to learn more about fireplace inserts and other propane products.

And let the partnership of Regency and Diversified Energy insert reliable heat into your home.