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Regency Fireplace Products, based out of Vancouver, Canada, has been a leading hearth product manufacturer since 1979 and offers an excellent range of residential propane gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and stoves to consider for your next home heating upgrade.

Regency fireplaces are known for their great value, beautiful appearance, and high efficiency. The company also offers a range of high-quality EPA certified wood and pellet fireplace inserts if you prefer. On this page, you can find more information about Regency heating solutions to help you determine which one might be right for your home.

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Several beautiful propane gas fireplaces to consider
Regency offers one of the largest lines of propane gas fireplaces with plenty of versatile options to choose from including several contemporary and traditional designs, heat outputs, and dimensions. Regency has provided multiple options in order to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences, whether you are looking for a subtle small profile gas fireplace or a dynamic large fireplace to showcase.

All of Regency’s gas fireplaces are direct vent, meaning that you can install them in several locations without requiring a chimney. They are the perfect choice to warm any living area with their excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Choose from three fireplace product lines offered by Regency: their Traditional Gas Fireplaces, Contemporary Gas Fireplaces and their City Series Designer Gas Fireplaces, all with multiple sizes, heat outputs, warranties and features that Diversified Energy can explain to you in detail.

Upgrade your masonry fireplace with a Regency fireplace insert
Regency also offers a nice selection of gas fireplace inserts to upgrade any existing masonry fireplace that you may have in your home. Regency fireplace inserts are tightly sealed so that you won’t have to deal with cold drafts and offer you controllable and consistent heat.

Upgrading to a Regency fireplace insert is the perfect way to keep your home warm at all times, even if the power is out. Improve the efficiency of your fireplace and choose from three gas fireplace insert product lines offered by Regency: Energy, Horizon, and Liberty.

Consider a gas stove for a more flexible option
If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional fireplaces with great installation flexibility and cost efficiency, a propane gas burning stove from Regency may be the right choice for you. Their gas stoves feature both traditional and unique designs with realistic fires and logs. Select from multiple styles and heat outputs depending on the room and your needs. You can personalize several of their models with accent lights, decorative grills and your choice of finish color.

A great range of wood burning stoves
Regency also offers a large lineup of EPA certified high-performance wood burning stoves that allow you to cook or heat your home even when the power is out. Constructed of heavy duty cast iron, Regency’s wood stoves are versatile and are available in several designs, sizes, and maximum heat outputs. Many of their wood stoves are mobile home approved and there’s an option available for rooms of all sizes.

Amazing outdoor gas fireplaces are also available
If you are looking for an attention-grabbing feature to add to your backyard oasis, consider one of Regency’s premier outdoor fireplaces. These propane gas fireplaces are easy to maintain and offer spectacular designs that are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking to create relaxing retreat or a beautiful entertainment area, Regency’s outdoor fireplaces are the perfect choice for their versatility and beautiful designs.

Regency’s home heating products are some of the best in the industry and offer you the ultimate in personalization, energy efficiency and value. To get more information about their fireplaces and stoves, or to schedule an installation or regular residential propane delivery, contact your local Diversified Energy service center today.