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Our residential propane fireplace heating solutions are produced by some of the top manufacturers in the world including:

Everyone loves a great fireplace. But restoring an old fireplace can be seriously difficult – and expensive. Older masonry fireplaces often require comprehensive renovation and restoration, especially if they have been neglected in the past. You have to restore bricks and mortar, and clean the chimney – and if your fireplace is seriously damaged, this can cost you thousands of dollars.

So what’s the best way to get a brand-new fireplace, but avoid the cost and hassle of renovating an older masonry gas or wood-fired fireplace? With propane gas inserts!

Understanding Propane Gas Inserts

Propane gas inserts are a type of fireplace that is completely free-standing and can be installed directly into an existing fireplace without requiring it to be restored. You can think of propane gas inserts as a type of specialized stove that is designed to be fit inside of an existing fireplace.

These propane products allow you to quickly convert an older, wood-fired fireplace into a brand-new, energy-efficient, and cleanly-burning propane model – and they usually do not require a long installation process or any renovation to the surrounding masonry.

Most inserts are built to use natural gas, but they can also use propane rather than traditional natural gas. Propane is very energy-dense and cost-effective, so it is becoming the preferred fuel source for many consumers.

The Benefits Of A Propane Gas Insert

Today’s gas inserts are more powerful, durable, and affordable than ever before. Not sure if a gas insert is right for you? Take a look at these benefits of propane gas inserts now.

  • More efficient – In a traditional fireplace, the masonry absorbs quite a bit of heat – meaning that more energy must be used to heat your room. But a propane gas insert is built using an all-metal body. This body is fitted perfectly to the surrounding masonry, and it reflects heat directly into your room. This ensures that you can use less fuel for a more effective heating solution, and saves you money on your utility bills.
  • Inexpensive – Restoring your masonry and chimney is very expensive. But a propane gas insert does not require your masonry to be replaced or restored, and typically uses a stainless-steel chimney liner – so you don’t have to spend money on chimney repairs or restoration.
  • Long-lasting and durable – Propane inserts are just as reliable and durable as a traditional fireplace, and are usually built out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. While they should be inspected occasionally to ensure proper gas operation, they rarely require repairs.
  • No cleanings required – A traditional, wood-burning fireplace requires quite a bit of maintenance. The flue must be checked and serviced, the chimney requires an annual cleaning, and you must clear away ashes and other material every time you use the fireplace. In contrast, propane burns cleanly and requires no regular cleanings, and minimal maintenance.

Propane gas inserts are the best way to replace a traditional masonry fireplace with a new, cost-effective propane fireplace. And with a variety of different gas inserts from leading companies, we’ve got the propane products you need for your next home improvement project!

Professional Propane Gas Insert Installation Services 
We specialize in the installation of propane gas inserts. You can trust us to deliver a cost-effective, affordable, and long-lasting solution that can fit into just about any masonry fireplace

So don’t wait. Shop our residential propane products now, and see how you can benefit from using a propane gas insert in your home today.