Napoleon Fireplaces

Enhance Your Home with a Gas Fireplace

Ever wish you had a gas fireplace or propane fireplace you could light up on a cold winter’s night? Have you ever had a power outage that knocked out your heat source and left you in the cold?

Napoleon has answers for you!

This is a leading manufacturer of fireplaces that has been providing quality products since 1976. Napoleon offers a wide range of direct-vent and vent-free gas fireplaces with contemporary styles and durable construction that will look at home in…well, any home.

You will have over 30 Napoleon propane fireplaces to choose from! Most of these are direct-vent, with an additional five vent-free models.
Get enlightened about Napoleon propane fireplaces by taking a closer look below.

Napoleon Propane Fireplaces – Direct-Vent

No chimney? No problem!

The gas fireplaces made by Napoleon are designed to be vented through a wall or roof.

From linear to slim designs, Napoleon propane fireplaces lend a modern look to any home. And talk about modern: some models provide the latest technologies, such as eFire Bluetooth app, PHAZER log sets, PHAZERAMIC advanced flame burner technology and more. Many of these fireplaces include Napoleon’s exclusive night light!

MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, heat-circulating blowers, split burner systems and a wide selection of trims and surrounds make a Napoleon gas fireplace the one you want in your den, family room or bedroom. There are even some models designed for smaller spaces, such as corners or hallways. When it comes to fireplaces, Napoleon has thought of everything!

Models included in Napoleon’s extensive inventory of direct-vent gas and propane fireplaces include:

  • Ascent
  • Starfire
  • Vittoria
  • Plazmafire
  • Crystallo
  • Park Avenue
  • Tureen
  • Grandville
  • Torch

Sizes vary according to model and include 30-, 35-, 36-, 48-, 52- and 62-inch openings.

Napoleon Propane Fireplaces – Vent-Free

Torch, Plazmafire and Grandville models offer vent-free options.
This is an easy-installation option. Simply hangs on the wall with mounting hardware! You can be enjoying a propane fireplace in no time when you choose a vent-free model from Napoleon.

You can get many of the great features available on direct-vent fireplaces, such as glowing ember beds, advanced flame technology (resulting in DANCING YELLOW FLAMES), accent lights and so much more.

*Note: in some areas, vent-free fireplaces are not approved. Check with your local Diversified Energy location state before exploring this option.

Diversified Energy is a Certified Dealer for Majestic Propane Fireplaces

Diversified Energy, a leading East Coast propane delivery company, is proud to partner with Napoleon to offer its products. Diversified Energy is certified to sell, install and repair Napoleon propane fireplaces.

Stop by a Diversified Energy in North Carolina or Pennsylvania and take a look at the floor models of Napoleon fireplaces displayed in the showroom. Sit with professionals and find out details about the operation and installation of these products.

And feel free to bring up all of your propane needs! Diversified Energy is a leader when it comes to residential and commercial propane products. Find out about their automatic home delivery system, above- and underground storage tank installation and other gas products they sell, such as grills, stoves and water heaters.

Call 800-719-1104 to find out more!

The partnership of Diversified Energy and Napoleon stand ready to deliver warmth and comfort to your home.