Napoleon Fireplace Inserts

Insert More Efficiency Into Your Fireplace

From cost savings to heating efficiency, there are many benefits you can enjoy when you choose gas fireplace inserts to replace your existing wood-burning unit.

Not to mention you will have instant fire and comfort at the flip of a switch with fireplace inserts. Who wouldn’t enjoy the ease propane fireplace inserts offer as opposed to starting a fire the old-fashioned way, with sticks and logs, plus the arduous task of cleaning the debris left behind?

When you’re shopping for fireplace inserts, one name that should be on your list is Napoleon.

Napoleon has been manufacturing high-quality fireplaces, stoves, gas fireplace inserts and more since 1976. You’re getting knowledge and craftsmanship when you choose Napoleon inserts.

Currently offering seven models of propane inserts, Napoleon is dedicated to providing the best when it comes to instant warmth and comfort for your home.

Read on to get more details about the specifications and benefits offered by each of these fireplace inserts offered by this industry leader.

What You’ll Get From Napoleon Inserts

Whether you’re looking for ambiance or a reliable heating source, propane fireplace inserts from Napoleon are a great choice.

Let’s start with the Infrared gas fireplace insert. This series includes the following:

  • Infrared 3: perfect for smaller rooms, with a 364-square inch viewing area, standard thermostat remote control, IRONWOOD log set and optional heat circulating blower
  • Infrared X3: offers a modulating dual burner system for an attractive triple flame; ant-condensation switch; exclusive NIGHT LIGHT; electronic ignition
  • Infrared X4: a 563-square inch viewing area and 40,000 BTUs let this model heat up larger spaces. Dual burner and standard heat circulating blower
  • Infrared 3G: lots of standard features with this one! MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, NIGHT LIGHT, Topaz CRYSTALINE ember bed, thermostat remote control and anti-condensation switch

There also the Roxbury 30 and Roxbury 3600, with 50% heat/flame adjustment, PHAZER log set, heat circulating blowers (the 3600 heat blower is heat activated) and dual level burner.

Finally, the Inspiration ZC provides a generous 400-square inch viewing area, advanced burning system with stunning YELLOW DANCING FLAMES, concealed controls, standard heating blower and an 85% steady state maximum efficiency.

All models come with safety screens, back up control systems, and a variety of optional decorative accessories such as fronts and doors.

Let Diversified Energy Help You with Napoleon Gas Fireplace Inserts

In North Carolina and Pennsylvania, you can count on Diversified Energy, a leading propane supply company, to deliver and install your Napoleon inserts.

You can call 800-719-1104 to learn more or visit one of Diversified Energy’s nine locations and see Napoleon fireplace inserts displayed in the showroom. Ask professionals any operation or installation questions you might have about these units.

Also feel free to discuss other products and services. Diversified Energy provides automatic residential propane delivery options, commercial services and the installation of propane supply lines and storage tanks. Ask about other efficient propane products, such as grills, stoves and water heaters.

Make Diversified Energy your first and last visit for Napoleon inserts and all your propane needs.