Monessen Stoves

Monessen Hearth Stoves–A Modern Look to Old-Fashioned Decor

Power outages or furnace problems can lead to you losing your main source of heat for your home. But with propane stoves, you can be prepared to ride out this issue and supply the heat to keep your family comfortable on the coldest nights.

You might have the idea that a freestanding stove might be old-fashioned, but manufacturers have modernized the design of these propane stoves to make them fit into any style home.

One such manufacturer is Monessen Hearth. Since 1993, Monessen Hearth has been supplying high-quality and efficient gas fireplaces, stoves and accessories that many count on for heat or simply to create a warm ambiance in their homes.

Your den, family room or living room can be ideal places for Monessen Hearth stoves. Whether your main heat source is down, or you simply want what could amount to a cheaper source of heat for your home, you can turn to Monessen Hearth’s reliable vent-free stoves to supply the comfort and practicality you’re looking for.

Let’s explore the options that Monessen Hearth offers when it comes to propane stoves.

Get the Warm Fuzzies from Monessen Hearth Stoves

The hardest thing involving Monessen Hearth stoves is trying to decide which of the two models this manufacturer offers will look best in your home!

The two vent-free stoves from Monessen Hearth are the Sundance and the Concorde.

Both are made of durable cast iron. The Sundance provides 28,000 BTUs and the Concorde 32,000 BTUs–plenty for either to heat up lots of space! Both of these propane stoves offer an incredible 99.9% thermal efficiency.

Choose the Sundance and you can opt to get a remote control, fan kit and warming shelves. The Concorde comes in graphite or enamel brown and heats up to 1,500 sq. ft. Its optional accessories include:

  • Blower kit
  • Remote controls
  • Thermostat remote control

Vent-free stoves mean that they are easy to install! Get a Monessen Hearth stove and you can get things heated up immediately.

Diversified Energy Partners with Monessen Hearth

Diversified Energy, a leading East coast propane company, is a distributor and installer of Monessen Hearth stoves.

Stop by a Diversified Energy showroom and check out the floor models of the Sundance and Concorde. Professionals are on hand, so you can ask questions about operations, installation or any other details you wish to learn about these propane stoves.

You can also discuss all of your propane needs. Find out about Diversified Energy’s automatic propane delivery service and above- and underground storage tank installation. Diversified Energy technicians are well-trained in delivery, install and repair. We also carry a wide range of propane products, from fireplaces to water heaters.

Call 800-719-1104 to find your nearest Diversified Energy office or to discuss vent-free stoves and the efficiency and cleanliness of using propane gas.

Let Diversified Energy and Monessen Hearth cook up the perfect recipe to get you the propane stove that will best accentuate your home.