Monessen Hearth Inserts

Make the Change with Monessen Hearth Gas Fireplace Inserts

Tired of cleaning ashes out of your wood-burning fireplace? Like the look of a fireplace but don’t want to deal with the clean-up and maintenance of a traditional model?

You just might be in the market for a fireplace insert!

Easy-to-install Monessen Hearth inserts transform your old hearth into a modern fireplace that’s easy to light and highly efficient. An excellent source of heat and ambience, gas fireplace inserts make it simple and convenient to enjoy your old fireplace!

With the vent-free inserts offered by Monessen Hearth, there is absolutely no need for messy renovations or construction–propane inserts simply fit into your existing fireplace.

Being vent-free, they install quickly, and in no time, you can be flicking a switch to generate flames. No more chopping and storing firewood and spending time trying to get the logs to light. You get heat and light–instantly!

Read on to find out details about the propane fireplace inserts Monessen Hearth offers.

Gas Fireplace Inserts from Monessen Hearth

Monessen Hearth currently offers one gas fireplace insert–but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality!

The Solstice vent-free gas insert allows you to keep that traditional look to your fireplace, but totally modernizes the use of your old hearth.

As far as propane fireplace inserts go, the Solstice is a highly-efficient, attractive and practical solution when you want to upgrade your old fireplace. You get:

  • A totally vent-free system
  • Choice of traditional logs or fireglass
  • Blower for optimal heat output
  • On/off and thermostat remote controls
  • Control kit to operate flame height

Volcanic rock and ceramic fiber cinders add a realistic touch to Monessen Hearth inserts. Your choice of surrounds and brick style panels lets you create the look you want.

The Solstice gas fireplace insert has a heating capacity of up to 1,100 sq. ft.

Diversified Energy + Monessen Hearth = Partners in Gas Fireplace Inserts

If you’re ready to insert Monessen Hearth into your life, it’s easy to learn more.

If you’re a resident of North Carolina or Pennsylvania, all you need to do is contact your local Diversified Energy office for details. This leading propane company is ready to answer any questions you have about Monessen Hearth vent-free inserts.

Drop in to a Diversified Energy showroom and take a look at the Monessen Hearth fireplace insert selection. Ask our professionals any operation or installation questions you might have. And find out more about the other products and services Diversified Energy offers, including automatic propane gas delivery and gas line and storage tank installation.

Call 800-719-1104 to find the showroom nearest to you, discuss propane fireplace inserts or any of your propane gas needs.

Monessen Hearth and Diversified Energy are committed to work together to deliver the best option for getting the most out of your fireplace. It’s time to light up your life, and your home, with the best vent-free inserts on the market!