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Monessen produces some of the most fuel-efficient vent-free natural and propane gas fireplaces currently available. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing these products, they have become a leader in vent-free product safety and efficiency.

For the ultimate in installation flexibility and minimal maintenance, consider installing one of their residential propane products for your next home heating upgrade.

If you decide to purchase a Monessen hearth fireplace, you can trust that it will brighten up any room along with warming it efficiently. With a quick view of their current product line, you can see that their designs are very sleek and modern and can fit nicely with just about any interior layout.

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Top tier fuel efficient vent-free fireplaces

The vent-free fireplaces manufactured by Monessen include some of the most beautiful and elegant designs currently available, along with a wide range of customizations to fully personalize your fireplace. Sizes range from 24” to dramatic 42” fireplaces, with see-through models available.
Because there’s no need to install venting, these fireplaces can be placed in any room and offer a stunning contemporary centerpiece.

Monessen vent-free gas fireplaces are available with a number of customizations such as different face kits, trim packages, multiple finishes, rope perimeter lighting, stone and sparkling fireglass kits (which function as an alternative to gas logs), and outdoor and wall mount kits.

With incredible efficiency that approaches 99.9%, their vent-free fireplaces are well-engineered along with being incredibly safe for all homes.

Stylish vent-free gas logs

Monessen sells a range of vent-free gas logs which can be combined with fireboxes to create a vent-free fireplace, or they can be used in approved wood burning fireplaces that have been converted to a gas line. Their gas logs feature realistic designs and are available in multiple sizes to perfectly fit your particular fireplace or firebox.

They are hand painted with life-like detail and are even designed to glow like real logs. Choose from over a dozen different log designs as well as several accessories like remote controls, thermostats, a millivolt control to light the fire even when the power is out, and a flat black canopy which can be adjusted to fit your particular fireplace.

Monessen vent-free inserts and stoves offer an easy upgrade for efficient heating

Monessen also sells a small line of stoves and vent-free inserts. Their inserts offer a way to upgrade an outdated stone fireplace and can be installed in the same spot. Installing a vent-free gas insert will result in substantially greater energy efficiency than a wood burning fireplace with far lower maintenance requirements along with an updated design as an added bonus.

Monessen vent-free stoves can also be direct-vented and offer excellent efficiency right on par with their vent-free fireplaces, as well as the traditional appeal of a cast-iron stove. With sturdy construction, multiple color options and remote controls, their stoves offer a viable and easy to operate alternative to the vent-free fireplaces. They can fully operate even when the power is out, giving you reliable heating in any situation.

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There are few other home heating solutions that can offer you as much versatility when it comes to both aesthetics and potential installation locations.

Diversified Energy can answer any specific questions that you may have about the range of impressive vent-free Monessen hearth fireplaces, gas logs, stoves and other residential propane products they offer.

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