Majestic Outdoor Accessories

Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Majestic Haven

Bring the warmth and ambiance of an indoor fireplace to your outdoors!

Imagine spending a cool evening on your patio or deck, with an inviting fire from an outdoor propane fireplace keeping you comfortable. Just the thought might inspire you to start researching facts about outdoor fireplaces!

When you choose Majestic, you’re in luck: Majestic is a leader in indoor/outdoor and outdoor fireplaces! They currently offer 11 models so you can find exactly what best fits your space, needs and outdoor decor!

You simply can’t go wrong with the know-how and quality of a company that’s been in business since 1894 and has been producing fireplaces since 1930! You can trust Majestic outdoor fireplaces to fulfill your every desire!

Let’s explore the many options Majestic affords you when you take the first step toward enlightening your life with an outdoor propane fireplace.

Majestic Outdoor Fireplaces Bring Magic to the Outside

It’s nearly impossible not to find the perfect outdoor propane fireplace for your home when you consider the wide range of outdoor fireplaces offered by Majestic.

From linear to see-through models (that can be enjoyed from both outside and inside!), Majestic produces high-quality outdoor fireplaces of various styles. You can install them on the exterior wall of your home or in a free-standing masonry or brick structure. Whatever you choose, you’re going to love Majestic outdoor fireplaces!

Models include:

  • Fortress See-Through
  • Mezzanine See-Through
  • Palazzo and Palazzo See-Through
  • Twilight Modern and Twilight II
  • Dakota
  • Lanai
  • Carolina
  • Al Fresco
  • Villa Gas

Outdoor fireplaces are vent-free and offer stainless steel safety screens and, depending on the model, your choice of LED lighting enhancements, wall controls, and interior options. You also get the dependable IntelliFire Ignition System–safety control and monitor your outdoor propane fireplace from a handy wall switch!

Outdoor models are made of rust-resistant steel so you’re assured that your fireplace is going to look great no matter how many storms it weathers! Majestic outdoor fireplaces are made to last and bring you many years of comfortable warmth and enjoyment.

Where to Find Majestic Outdoor Fireplaces

majestic fireplace

via Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy, a leading propane supply company with offices throughout North Carolina and Pennsylvania, is one of the distributors of Majestic products.

You can visit a Diversified Energy showroom nearest you and get a demonstration of Majestic outdoor fireplaces and ask any questions you might have about the efficiency, operation, and installation of these models.

Or call 800-719-1104 and ask questions via phone. Diversified Energy is always happy to speak with potential customers about specific products as well as home and business propane delivery, automatic delivery options, storage tank installation and other propane products, such as water heaters and grills.

If you’re in the market for an outdoor propane fireplace, you can’t go wrong with the powerful combination of Majestic and Diversified Energy.