Majestic Fireplace Inserts

Make Your Fireplace More Efficient with Majestic Inserts

Who needs the hassle of a wood-burning fireplace? Starting a fire can sometimes be challenging, not to mention the labor and struggle of cutting and keeping firewood for those times when you want to create ambiance or need a secondary heat source in the event of a power outage or furnace troubles.

Changing your existing fireplace into a more practical and easier-to-use unit with gas fireplace inserts is definitely the way to go! Propane inserts allow you to use a clean and affordable gas source and to have instant flames at the flip of a switch. Say goodbye to messy ash clean-up!

Majestic inserts offer a high-quality answer when it comes fireplace inserts.

In no time, you can go from high-maintenance to no-maintenance, from stoking logs on a dwindling fire to having the same, constant flame by just pressing a remote button.

Who can say no to propane fireplace inserts? It might be time to start exploring your options and deciding which propane inserts are best for you.

Majestic’s fireplace inserts certainly make your decision easy!

Gas Fireplace Inserts from Majestic

Currently, Majestic produces only one fireplace insert: the Ruby Series direct-vent gas insert. But when you make a quality product like this fireplace insert, why not quit while you’re ahead?

Among gas fireplace inserts, you simply can’t get much better than the Ruby Series.

You can increase heat efficiency by an incredible 70% when you go with this fireplace insert. Select a 30- or 35-inch model with an adjustable flame to create the ambiance and the level of heat you’re looking for by doing no more than touching the appropriate button.

With this product, you get:

  • A choice of tavern brown or cottage red interior panels
  • Bronze or classic black surrounds
  • Contemporary or clean-face front
  • Remote and wall dock

This gas fireplace insert comes with the highly efficient INTELLIFIREā„¢ Plus Ignition System: activate your pilot, turn the flames on and off, adjust fan speed and lower or turn up the thermostat with one easily accessible remote! How easy can Majestic inserts make your life?

Also, choose from various termination cap styles–whatever looks best for your home’s exterior!

Diversified Energy is Your Majestic Fireplace Inserts Supplier

If you live in North Carolina or Pennsylvania and you want to further explore the options that Majestic offers when it comes to propane fireplace inserts, come by your nearest Diversified Energy office and let them demonstrate a model for you!

Diversified Energy is a leader in the propane delivery and installation industry. It offers top home delivery, including an automatic delivery system, as well as various propane products and storage tank configurations and installation to provide ALL of your propane needs.
Found out more by stopping into a Diversified Energy showroom or calling 800-719-1104 and learning more about Majestic fireplace inserts and Diversified Energy services.

And get ready to let both of these companies insert a little warmth and comfort into your life!