Quartz Series – Majestic Fireplace

If you’re looking for a majestic gas fireplace…Majestic Fireplace is all you need.

Offering both traditional and contemporary models to fit any style of home, Majestic Fireplace has nearly a dozen Majestic fireplace inserts, propane fireplace, and ventless propane fireplace series with accessories and options to meet any demand.

Whether you want ambiance, an alternative heat source, or both, Majestic Fireplace can meet the call. Customizable see-through, multi-sided, and traditional configurations in their propane fireplace models bring style and practicality to any living room, family room, den, or bedroom. 

Interested in a fireplace option that allows for more flexibility when it comes to where you want to install your new ventless propane fireplace? Explore what Majestic’s versatile Quartz Series offers so you get the fireplace you want, where you want it.

About Majestic Fireplace

Starting as a manufacturer of furnaces and boilers in 1894, Majestic created its first fireplace in the 1930s and the rest, as they say, is history. High quality, durable, efficient wood and gas fireplaces have become the staple of this company’s output for nearly 90 years.

As part of Monessen Hearth Systems Co. since 2008, Majestic Fireplaces has continued to innovate gas fireplace manufacturing, with such options as IntelliFire touch controls, intermittent pilot ignition, heat management systems, and zone heating climate control and direct vent technologies.

Currently, Majestic carries six series of gas fireplaces, five series of see-through gas fireplaces, and two series of fireplace inserts. 

Let’s take a closer look at Majestic’s Quartz Series and its variety of traditional and contemporary features and options so you can adapt your fireplace to meet any specification.

Quartz Series

From customizable interior features to shallow depth for the utmost in installation flexibility, Majestic Fireplace’s Quartz Series is designed to fit your home and your life as if Majestic had only you in mind during its creation.

As the only fireplace series with shallow depth, the Quartz Series is unique in that you don’t give up as much living space as you might with other models. That means you can fit a fireplace where you might have thought before that you could not. Small room? Limited wall space? 

With the Quartz Series, you can make it happen!

Quartz Series fireplaces come in 32”, 36”, and 42” opening configurations that can heat between 900- and 1,300-square feet, so you can warm a room or an entire floor with one of these models. Customize the interior with a choice of two decorative brick linings or reflective black glass interior.

Other options and features of this attractive propane gas fireplace series include:

  • IntelliFire smart control app
  • IntelliFire Touch Ignition LCD screen thermostat
  • Wall-mounted IntelliFire touch ignition switch
  • Decorative mesh front
  • Firebed options including stone, bronze glass, diamond glass, onyx glass, or sapphire glass
  • Safety

Propane is a safe and clean-burning gas product; however, there are safety guidelines you will want to adhere to if you’re adding a ventless propane fireplace to your home.

First: it’s important to use propane professionals, like those dispatched by Diversified Energy, to install and maintain your Majestic gas fireplace or Majestic fireplace insert. By doing so, you’re ensuring that you’re getting properly-installed gas lines and fireplaces that adhere to all safety codes and regulations.

Propane has an added chemical that gives the gas a distinct odor; it is often compared to the smell of rotten eggs. Should you detect this odor, you just might have a gas leak and should immediately call your local fire department or propane supplier to address the problem.

Finally, carbon monoxide detectors are recommended when you have a gas product, such as a stove or fireplace, installed in your home. These detectors alert you to a leak should the odor go unnoticed. 

Available from Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy partners with, among others, Majestic Fireplace for the installation, maintenance, and repair of its Quartz Series and other propane gas fireplaces. They are also trained in the installation of propane stoves, grills, water heaters, and more.

Diversified Energy began operations in North Carolina over 20 years ago and today serves more than 25,000 customers across NC as well as those in parts of Virginia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania (from its Mount Joy, PA, office). It has a total of eight NC locations, including showroom/offices in Greensboro, Wake Forest, and Wilmington.

In addition to partnering with top gas-product manufacturers, Diversified Energy is a full-service propane retailer that delivers propane, offers storage tank sales and leasing as well as installation, and services to commercial customers. Among its services is an automatic watchdog delivery system so you don’t have to call or monitor your usage; lock price and cap price options; and 24-hour emergency response for leaks and other issues.

If you’re burning to get your Majestic Quartz Series gas fireplace up and running and live in one of Diversified Energy’s service areas, you’re a phone call away from bringing warmth, comfort, and style to your home.