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Choose a Gas Fireplace That Turns Any Room into a Majestic Room

Fireplaces are a great addition to any home. They create ambiance, offer a secondary heat source and provide a clean and efficient flame. You can easily enhance the look of your living room, family room or den with a gas fireplace.

If you’re considering such an addition to a room in your house, you should take a close look at Majestic propane fireplaces. Majestic currently offers ten direct-vent and B-vent gas fireplaces that will complement any home style and decor.

Majestic’s history dates back well over 100 years! Starting out as a cast iron furnace manufacturer in 1894, Majestic is now a leader in the production of gas and propane fireplaces of various contemporary styles and high-quality construction.

From traditional square models to corner and see-through fireplaces, Majestic will transform any room with its unique offerings. With the meaning of majestic being: “having or showing impressive beauty or dignity”, Majestic propane fireplaces certainly live up to their name.
Bring beauty and dignity into your home with a Majestic gas fireplace!

What You Get with a Majestic Propane Fireplace

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Majestic currently offers nine models of direct-vent gas fireplaces.

The Marquis II and Pearl II models offer traditional, multi-sided and see-through styles; the see-through and multi-sided models allow you to heat or bring a warm glow to more than one space. These are ideal for use between a den and a living room, or in the middle of a large family room.

Other models include:

  • Meridian Series
  • Quartz Series
  • Mercury
  • Corner Series
  • Jade Series

These offer your choice of interior brick panels as well as stone kits, glass kits, fan kits and decorative mesh fronts.

The B-vent Reveal gas fireplace is an open hearth fireplace that draws air for combustion from inside the house. Get the look of a wood-burning fireplace with more efficiency and less mess!

All Majestic propane fireplaces come with IntelliFire Ignition System and a smart remote with on/off, timer mode and thermostat mode features.

Diversified Energy Is A Certified Dealer For Majestic Propane Fireplaces

What better company to sell and install a propane fireplace than a propane delivery company?

Diversified Energy is a leading propane company on the East Coast, with offices/showrooms throughout North Carolina and Pennsylvania. You can stop by any location and have professionals demonstrate these fireplaces and answer any questions you have about gas supply, installation, and operation.

While there, feel free to discuss all of your propane needs. Diversified Energy provides everything from new storage tank installations to automatic home delivery, as well as various other propane products such as water heaters, stoves, and grills.

Call 800-719-1104 to find a Diversified Energy office nearest you. Make an appointment or simply stop in and get answers to your propane and gas fireplace questions.

Together, Diversified Energy and Majestic are ready to bring elegance and practicality to your home!