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Majestic is an innovative producer of natural and propane gas powered fireplaces, inserts, gas logs and stoves which are equipped with some of the latest remote controls and fuel efficiency features currently available.

Majestic fireplace engineering has been perfected over the past several decades. They frequently update their residential propane products with creative new features that improve their efficiency and make them more useful for homeowners.

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Beautiful attention-grabbing and technologically advanced fireplaces

On top of their innovation, they also offer a plethora of visually appealing designs and customization’s so that you can create a fireplace that showcases your personality, with virtually no maintenance required.

Flexible venting options

Direct vent technology allows the fireplaces to be installed in several locations throughout a home. The fireplaces are sealed to provide the maximum amount of heating efficiency.

B-vents are also available on some models which are similar to direct vents but draw combustion air from inside of the home rather than outside.
Power venting is also available with Majestic’s gas fireplaces which allows for an even greater range of installation locations. This is a modern fan powered vent that can zigzag through a home as required, and ensure safe venting no matter where the fireplace is located.

Easy fireplace operation with a touchscreen remote

The operation is a breeze using a touchscreen remote or a wall switch. The remote can toggle the flame on and off immediately, and the thermostat function adjusts the fireplace to maintain a preferred set temperature.

The flame height of the fireplace is automatically adjusted as required to maintain the desired temperature, improving energy efficiency and only utilizing the necessary amount of propane gas.

IntelliFire technology for efficiency and safety

The IntelliFire touch ignition system is available on many Majestic fireplaces and gas logs. This exclusive pilot system provides an ignition flame only when the unit needs to be operated, rather than the standard wasteful pilot which burns 24/7.

If there is a power outage, there is also a battery backup available that will ensure that the fireplace can still operate. The IntelliFire Plus system has additional features like cold climate pilot mode, child lock safety, and memory settings.

The system is highly advanced but still intuitive and easy to use. A number of indicators are available in order to ensure safe operation of the fireplace and longevity with regular maintenance. If any problems are detected, the system will shut down automatically and request service.

A wide range of highly efficient gas logs

Majestic also sells a full range of highly efficient gas logs that are realistic and fuel efficient. Their gas logs are sold separately from the required hearth kit. Multiple sizes and designs are available to fill all types of fireplaces. They are engineered with a clean-burning design whether you choose propane gas or natural gas, and they can also be remotely controlled like the gas fireplaces.

High-quality direct vent gas stoves

Majestic offers a smaller selection of propane gas stoves for those who want the rustic charm of a cast iron stove along with installation flexibility. Their stoves are available in multiple colors and offer extensive heating capacity for their size.

If you are interested in a Majestic fireplace or other home heating product, Diversified Energy can assist you and help you determine which model may be best for your needs. Visit your local service center today for free advice or give us a call to schedule residential propane delivery and learn more about Majestic products.