Kozy Heat Oakport 18 Gas Stove

This winter, open up your home and let Kozy Heat in!

Free-standing propane stoves are an aesthetic and practical addition to any family room, living room, or den. They offer an easy and effective heat alternative if your normal heating system is down due to a power outage or breakdown.

When you choose the Kozy Heat Oakport 18 Gas Stove, you’re selecting an energy-efficient model that lends a modern look to your home while giving you the heat and ambiance you crave.

Kozy Heat, a long-standing leader in the gas stove and fireplace industry, definitely brings the heat with the Oakport 18 Gas Stove. Even in the coldest winter months, there are no worries when your heat’s out because it’s ON with this Kozy Heat stove.

So why should you consider this particular model when you’re in the market for an alternative source of heat?

About the Oakport 18 Gas Stove

From advanced technology to top performance, the Kozy Heat Oakport 18 Gas Stove offers the best in propane stoves.

Its direct vent means you can put in anywhere in your home, so you can add convenience to the list of superlatives describing this quality product. And it’s 75%/nearly 80% natural gas/propane gas efficiency speaks for itself!

What else does the Oakport 18 Gas Stove offer? Its features include:

  • Good viewing area (10 15/16” x 16 3/8”)
  • 77.95% steady-state efficiency NG; 80.27% propane
  • Well over 70% efficiency for fuel-to-heat conversion
  • Patented burner and log design
  • Two design overlay options
  • Various control options, including touch screen, portable control, or wireless wall switch

About Kozy Heat

Begun by Dudley Hussong in a Minnesota millwork shop in 1976, Kozy Heat grew in just two years to selling gas fireplaces throughout the state. When Dudley’s son Jim joined the business in 1984, Kozy Heat expanded nationwide and was soon offering a wide variety of wood and gas fireplaces.

By 2014, two of Jim’s daughters were working for the company, overseeing areas of marketing and engineering. Today, Kozy Heat, now with 40 years of manufacturing under its belt, provides not only natural gas and propane stoves but gas inserts and a line of accessories that includes overlays and mantels.

Customer satisfaction and safety remain at the forefront of Kozy Heat’s business, with products that buyers can rely on for many years to come.

Available from Diversified Energy

If you’re a resident of NC, VA, SC, or PA, you could turn to Diversified Energy to provide you with the propane gas you need to operate your Oakport 18 Gas Stove. Diversified Energy serves more than 25,000 customers in these states, offering everything from automatic home delivery to storage tank installation.

They work with leading manufacturers, including Kozy Heat, to bring you the best in propane fireplaces, inserts, grills, stoves, and other products. Check out the showroom at any of these locations and see the Kozy Heat Oakport 18 Gas Stove and other models and get any questions answered by one of their representatives.

Together, Diversified Energy and Kozy Heat will help ensure that your home is well-prepared for winter.