Kozy Heat Birchwood 20 Gas Stove

When it comes to propane stoves, you can’t go wrong with Kozy Heat.

For more than 40 years, Kozy Heat has been a leader in the production and sales of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. A major feature of Kozy Heat’s gas fireplaces is that they are direct vent, so you can install them in any part of your home without the need for a flue.

For efficiency, you can’t beat propane stoves and fireplaces as heating alternatives for your home. Free-standing gas fireplaces not only add a reliable source of heating in the event of a power outage, but they also provide an aesthetic addition to a living room, family room, or den.

If you’re in the market for this type of product, you might consider the Kozy Heat Birchwood 20 Gas Stove. With well over 60% efficiency for both natural and propane gas and an attractive design, this stove just makes sense.

About the Birchwood 20 Gas Stove

Value, performance, and efficiency are the three words that best describe the Kozy Heat Birchwood 20 Gas Stove.
This gas stove can be placed in any room in your home, no matter the type of home you have; thus, even if you thought you weren’t a candidate for a free-standing gas fireplace or stove, the Birchwood 20 makes it possible.

Key features of the Kozy Heat Birchwood 20 Gas Stove include:

  • Standard traditional legs
  • 69.44% steady-state efficiency NG; 65.16% propane
  • Approximately 60% efficiency in converting fuel to heat
  • Different methods of control, including touch screen, wireless thermostat control, or portable thermostat control
  • Customizable screen, base, and refractory

About Kozy Heat

Starting with a wood-burning fireplace in 1976, Kozy Heat began in a millwork shop owned by founder Dudley Hussong’s father. They expanded to selling energy-efficient, quality fireplaces throughout Minnesota just two years later. In 1984, the company began selling wood and gas fireplaces on a national scale.

Kozy Heat has been a family-owned business since its inception; the founder’s son, James, joined in 1984 and is the President of Kozy Heat today. Two of James’s sisters, Heather and Hannah, began with the company in 2012 and 2013.

Today, Kozy Heat’s product line includes wood and gas stoves and fireplaces, gas inserts, and various accessories such as decorative screen fronts, overlays, and mantels.

Available from Diversified Energy

East Coast residents in NC and parts of VA, SC, and PA can rely on Diversified Energy, a leading propane supplier in these areas, to provide sales and installation of the Kozy Heat Birchwood 20 Gas Stove. Diversified Energy partners with Kozy Heat and you’ll find answers to any questions about this product when you reach out to one of nine Diversified locations.

As a Diversified Energy customer, you’ll be able to receive automatic home delivery of the propane you’ll rely on to power your Birchwood 20 Gas Stove as well as gas line and storage tank installation, equipment maintenance and repair, and expert advice about propane stoves, fireplaces, grills, and other products.

In addition, there’s a showroom at every location that allows you to view the product you’re considering and where a professional can answer any questions you might have about quality, installation, efficiency, and other propane uses.