Kozy Heat Stoves


Heat Your Home with Kozy Heat

In some cases, it can be a good idea to have an alternative heat source in your home. Power outages or a malfunctioning furnace, for instance, can disrupt your heating service at any given moment, leaving you in the cold.

Freestanding gas stoves can be an attractive and practical solution. These types of stoves can often heat a generous area and provide a clean alternative to wood-burning fireplaces and stoves.

Kozy Heat stoves are a great choice if this is an option you wish to explore. Established in 1976, Kozy Heat has been manufacturing quality fireplaces, stoves and accessories for more than 40 years. If you’re looking for a durable product you can count on, Kozy Heat propane stoves are the answer.

Adding a reliable heat source and ambience to dens, living rooms, family rooms and recreation rooms, Kozy Heat stoves give you a modern version of the old-fashioned freestanding stove that will give any home just the right look.
Let’s see what Kozy Heat has to offer when it comes to gas stoves.

Kozy Heat Stoves

While not offering a wide selection, you know that if you go with Kozy Heat gas stoves, you’re getting a quality, dependable product that will provide heat when you need it.

Kozy Heat currently supplies two models:

Both are direct vent, freestanding gas stoves that are highly efficient whether you’re using natural or propane gas. Both offer traditional legs, patented burner and log designs, screen fronts and high quality glass.

With the Birchwood, you can choose a traditional brick, masonry or black enamel refractory and a pedestal or contemporary base. Going with the Oakport? Select the black enamel refractory and a prairie design or arched prairie design overlay. Both models offer an optional fan kit.

These propane stoves excel at efficiency: if you’re using propane gas, you get a 66% efficiency with the Birchwood and 77% with the Oakport.
You’re sure to be satisfied with this modern twist on the traditional freestanding stove design no matter which model you choose!

Local Propane Company a Distributor for Kozy Heat Stoves

Convinced that your home can’t be without a Kozy Heat propane stove?

If so, and you live in North Carolina or Pennsylvania, then call or come down to the nearest Diversified Energy showroom and take a look at these attractive gas stoves. Professionals are on hand to answer any questions, demonstrate the products and make arrangements for your install.

You can also discuss all of your propane needs with this leading company. Diversified Energy provides home delivery services, installation of gas products, above- and underground storage tanks and other propane products, such as water heaters and pool heaters.

Call 800-719-1104 to find your nearest Diversified Energy office or to ask any questions about Kozy Heat stoves or other products and services.

Together, Diversified Energy and Kozy Heat will ensure you get the freestanding gas stove you’re looking for!