Kozy Heat Inserts


Goodbye Wood Fireplace, Hello Kozy Heat Inserts

Ready to modernize your home?

You might start with replacing your traditional wood-burning fireplace with gas fireplace inserts. These types of inserts, such as those offered by Kozy Heat, are an easy-to-install and convenient alternative to your current fireplace.

No more hauling and storing firewood, or cleaning up the ash debris after you make a fire in your wood-burning unit. Kozy Heat makes it easy to enjoy the look and feel of a wood-burning fire–with the flick of a switch!
Propane fireplace inserts are clean, easy to use and utilize natural or propane gas to create beautiful flames you will love to sit in front of while you relax, watch TV, read or just need to warm up a room. Gas fireplace inserts provide a quick secondary heat source–you won’t have to fumble around with logs that might be too wet or simply won’t light. Inserts offer instant flames.
Kozy Heat is ready to insert some new warmth into your life!

Get more details about the propane fireplace inserts offered by Kozy Heat below.

Kozy Heat — Gas Fireplace Inserts

Kozy Heat currently offers six highly-efficient fireplace inserts you can choose from: the Chaska 25, 29, 335S and 34 models and the Jordan 30S and 34S models.
Some features you get with these gas fireplace inserts include:

  • Electronic ignition pilot system
  • Fan kit
  • Ember light kit
  • Accent light kit
  • Screen front
  • Traditional log set
  • Rock or glass media kit
  • Traditional brick, masonry or black enamel refractory

Optional features include shroud trim and floor protector (the floor protector is a requirement and not an option if existing flooring was removed during the installation of your fireplace insert).

Using your existing chimney, these Kozy Heat inserts are installed with a gas jet and venting pipe that draws gas fumes away from your home, making these a safe and viable alternative when you wish to upgrade from your wood-burning fireplace.

Turn to the Professionals for Your Gas Fireplace Inserts

So when it comes to Kozy Heat inserts–who are you gonna call?

Diversified Energy is a propane delivery company with offices throughout North Carolina and Pennsylvania that currently partners with Kozy Heat to provide parts, installation services, gas delivery services and repair of gas fireplace inserts.
Come by a Diversified Energy showroom or call 800-719-1104 and ask us any questions about these gas fireplace inserts. We have professionals who can discuss the use, installation and operation of these inserts.

In addition, Diversified Energy stands ready to serve all of your propane gas needs, from home delivery to the installation of storage tanks. Our technicians provide residential and commercial propane services, from product installation to repair.

Let the unbeatable team of Diversified Energy and Kozy Heat be the dynamic duo that can ensure you choose and install the right gas fireplace insert for your home.