Kozy Heat Bayport 36 Model

When it comes to an alternative heat source that offers both ambiance and affordability as well as convenience and dependability, nothing beats a gas fireplace.

At the flick of a switch, you have instant flames in your propane gas fireplace that can heat a room or rooms and provide a warm, welcoming glow to a family room, living room, den, or even bedroom. Should you lose your main power source and are without heat, a propane gas fireplace is a perfect answer.

If you’re considering adding this attractive, useful feature to your home, which model should you choose? Which manufacturer will give you the best product out there?
There are many different types of gas fireplaces available, but the Kozy Heat Bayport 36 model is a favorite of ours that checks all the boxes.

About Kozy Heat Fireplaces

Since 1976, Kozy Heat has been making stylish, impressive gas- and wood-burning fireplaces that have added value, warmth, and appeal to thousands and thousands of homes across the United States.

Currently, the company offers more than 15 options when it comes to direct vent gas fireplaces. From traditional to contemporary looks, customizable models, and inserts that fit into existing fireplaces, Kozy Heat is sure to have the look you desire for your home.

With all models offered in direct vent configuration, Kozy Heat fireplaces are easy to install and eliminate the need for a chimney. With direct venting, you simply have to vent right through the wall. These fireplaces are efficient and clean, so much more so than wood-burning units.
When it comes to energy efficiency and complete warmth, you can’t beat Kozy Heat’s Bayport 36 model. Though all of Kozy Heat’s models are efficient and produce the level of heat you’re seeking, the Bayport 36 is known for its high efficiency, realistic log set, and generous viewing area.

Bayport 36 Model

From a wide range of decorative fronts to a nearly 80% efficiency (among the best on the market) when using propane gas, the Bayport 36 model from Kozy Heat is a great choice whether you’re looking to add a traditional or a modern look to any room in your home.
Like the traditional look of logs in the fireplace? Or maybe the contemporary glass display works best for your style. Whichever you like, the Bayport 36 model comes in a glass media or log style. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to get a visually stunning fireplace that will complement any décor.

What else does this popular fireplace model offer? A lot, including:

  • Wide 29-7/16″ x 23-7/8″ viewing area
  • Porcelain reflective panels (standard for this model)
  • Thermostatic remote control
  • Electronic ignition pilot system
  • Variable flame heights and blower speeds
  • Four finish options (black, brushed stainless, antique copper, brushed nickel)
  • Four decorative finishes (titanium, rust, vintage bronze, weathered charcoal)


When it comes to any propane-powered product, it’s always wise to mention a word or two about safety.

First, you should always rely on professionals like those from Diversified Energy to safely install propane gas lines and products. Installation experts will ensure that your Kozy Heat Bayport 36 fireplace is installed to meet all specifications and safety codes.

With gas fireplaces, hazards can be low as there is no open flame to contend with. Still, issues can arise, so keep the following in mind when you have a propane gas fireplace installed in your home:

If your pilot light won’t light, this could be a safety feature and your fireplace should be checked by a professional.

Smell gas? It’s best to get you and your family out of the house, shut off the gas valve if possible, and call either the fire department or your propane gas supplier.
Have a carbon monoxide detector installed on every level of your home. This is highly recommended when you use any gas-powered product inside your house.

Though propane is considered highly safe and clean, it is always smart to follow these few safety tips for further peace of mind.

Available from Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy, a leading U.S. propane retail company, partners with Kozy Heat to deliver, install, and maintain its many gas products, including fireplaces and fireplace inserts.
All of Diversified’s technicians are trained and knowledgeable in gas fireplace installation, safety, and repair. You can also take advantage of Diversified Energy’s unfailing commitment to customer satisfaction, automatic watchdog propane delivery, and 24-hour emergency response to gas leaks and other issues.

If you’re considering the Kozy Heat Bayport 36 or any model or brand of gas fireplace, you can come by one of Diversified Energy’s eight NC locations or Mount Joy, PA office and visit the showroom to see these products and ask any questions you might have.

Together, Kozy Heat and Diversified Energy will bring the best kind of heat to your home.