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Kozy Heat, founded in 1976, is a world-leading producer of propane gas inserts, fireplaces, and stoves. Kozy Heat offers a full line of residential propane heating products that are well-engineered and efficient.



The company is known for producing fireplace products that continually push the envelope when it comes to quality and efficiency. If you are planning on shopping for Kozy Heat fireplaces or their other residential propane products, Diversified Energy is happy to assist you with finding the best option.


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A wide range of propane gas fireplaces for your home

Modern Kozy Heat propane gas fireplaces have become a very popular alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces for a number of reasons. Wood fireplaces can be expensive to install and come with multiple tenuous maintenance requirements including cleaning ash from them, sweeping the chimney, and maintaining a supply of firewood.

If you choose a propane gas fireplace you can avoid all of these maintenance steps as they are very easy to operate and maintain once they are installed. Kozy Heat offers several sizes and BTU options for its gas fireplaces for any room in your home along with design customizations.

Kozy Heat’s gas fireplaces are direct vent

All of the gas fireplaces offered by Kozy Heat are direct vent, meaning that they can be installed in several different areas of your home and eliminate the need for a flue. Direct vent fireplaces use a venting system that makes them several times more efficient than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. They use outdoor air for combustion, and the pipes for the fireplace can be installed through your wall.

Direct vent technology offers fast and efficient heating on demand as Kozy Heat fireplaces are remote controlled. Start your fireplace anytime you want and change the heat setting to whatever is most comfortable for you and avoid the nuisance of having to spend time preparing and maintaining a wood fire.

Stylish modern and efficient gas fireplace inserts

Kozy Heat sells high-quality gas fireplace inserts which can fit right in the same space as your masonry fireplace. Installing a fireplace insert is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your current fireplace while adding more of a modern look to your home.

Kozy Heat offers several affordable and stylish fireplace inserts which are available with realistic log sets. Each fireplace insert offered by Kozy Heat varies in size and heating output based on your needs. Installations are completed by Diversified Energy. You’ll be amazed at how different your living area looks once you upgrade.

Kozy Heat gas stoves can also be a great option to heat your home

Kozy Heat gas stoves are another excellent choice to heat your home, as these freestanding stoves are flexible, efficient and can be installed with direct vents throughout your home. The stoves offered by Kozy Heat feature modern designs and add charm to any room where they are installed while providing a safe and controllable source of heat. Compared to wood stoves, gas stoves offer far fewer maintenance requirements, easy operation, and higher heating efficiency.

Call your local Diversified Energy service center for more info on Kozy Heat products

If you are interested in purchasing a Kozy Heat propane gas fireplace, fireplace insert, or gas stove, it is extremely important to have it installed by an experienced and certified company. Diversified Energy can help you find the perfect Kozy Heat product for your home and install it correctly to ensure efficient operation.

To get more information about Kozy Heat fireplaces, stoves, installations or residential propane delivery find your local Diversified Energy service center and give us a call today!