Bristol DX – Hearthstone Fireplace

According to the 2019 edition of What Home Buyers Really Want from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), more than half (55%) of home buyers rated gas fireplaces as “desirable” or “essential.” A HearthStone fireplace, or any fireplace or fireplace insert, can add value to your home.

If you’re in the majority and want to add a propane fireplace to your home for esthetic or practical reasons, you can turn to HearthStone. As leaders in the wood- and gas-burning fireplace and stove industry, HearthStone provides the type of durable, attractive models of stoves that fit into any style and décor.

Besides providing the kind of ambiance you and your family will enjoy, a Hearthstone fireplace can also be used as a backup heat source should a power outage or other catastrophe put your primary heat source out of business.

As one of HearthStone fireplace products, the HearthStone Bristol DX is tops in design, efficiency, and convenience. It’s certainly a welcome addition to any family room, living room, or even bedroom, and we’ll take a closer look at this particular model so you can learn more about its innovation and quality.

Hearthstone Fireplaces

HearthStone began producing high-quality and unique wood stoves manufactured with soapstone rather than black steel in 1978. After emissions regulations in the early 1980s sent many wood stove manufacturers, including HearthStone, out of business; however, the company’s remnants were purchased in 1989 and headquartered in a new facility in Morrisville, Vermont.

Following a stringent development and testing process to meet EPA regulations, HearthStone offers wood and gas stove models that meet current emissions standards. While some stove manufacturers do add soapstone to their units, the president of HearthStone assures, “We are the only ones featuring a layer of soapstone in the stove…to take advantage of the heating benefits of soapstone.”

Today, HearthStone offers a line of wood-burning and gas stoves, fireplaces, and fireplace inserts. They also have several HearthStone fireplace products and other items for the outdoors, including patio ovens and fire pit grills.

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Bristol DX

Described by the company as the “best-looking cast iron gas stove available,” the HearthStone Bristol DX effortlessly accentuates any area of your home. This stove is sure to meet your needs, from ceramic logs and burner to simulate a wood fire to a reliable on-demand pilot.

With a beautiful three-sided panoramic view of the flames and direct vent technology (reduces drafts and maintains indoor air quality), the Bristol DX combines refined craftsmanship, innovation, and efficiency. The model has a heating capacity of up to 1,200 sq. ft., making it ideal for a backup heat source. Its steady-state efficiency is 79%; with a good rating between 67%-75%, you can easily see that the Bristol DX goes above and beyond in this area.

Other highlights of the Bristol DX propane gas stove include:

  • Electronic ignition system with battery backup and the option to have a continuous or intermittent pilot
  • Smart programmable remote control with thermostatic mode allows you to adjust flames and blower speed
  • Integrated convection blower to quietly circulate the warm air and adjustable BTU output
  • Cast-iron heat exchanger for maximum heat efficiency and heat output
  • Color options: matte black, brown enamel, or basil enamel

To increase the glow and depth of the flames, the Bristol DX also features mirror glass behind the fire. There are also child safety barrier screens that meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Find a Hearthstone Fireplace at Diversified Energy

East Coast-based Diversified Energy, with eight service centers throughout North Carolina and one in Mount Joy, PA, is proud to partner with HearthStone to bring you all of the company’s products. Diversified Energy services all of NC and parts of VA and SC along with areas around Mount Joy.

Diversified’s centers feature showrooms where you can see products on display and ask representatives any questions regarding installation and propane supply and service. Diversified Energy brings exemplary customer service and knowledge to more than 25,000 customers and currently ranks as the 31st largest propane retailer in the US.

From gas product and gas line installation to automatic propane delivery and 24/7 emergency response for gas leaks, Diversified Energy does it all. 

Once you have purchased your HearthStone Bristol DX propane fireplace, trained technicians can deliver and install the unit to meet all safety regulations. Diversified also sells, and installs above- and underground propane storage tanks of various sizes.

You’re sure to warm quickly to the idea of adding a HearthStone Bristol DX to your home and allowing Diversified Energy to install, maintain, and supply the propane gas you need to light up your stove or any other HearthStone fireplace products.