Hearthstone Fireplace Inserts

Let Hearthstone Upgrade Your Fireplace

While it’s true that wood fireplaces offer an attractive and classic look to your living room, den or family room, it’s also true that they require that you clean up messy ash residue after use and can in some cases be drafty and even inefficient.

Hearthstone has the answer!

Gas fireplace inserts from Hearthstone provide an efficient, clean and safe way to enjoy a fireplace in your home–minus the mess!

Propane fireplace inserts also give you instant flames: no need to spend time cutting or gathering wood and using paper to ignite a fire. Just flick a wall switch and you get an instant heat source and generous glow that’s the perfect ambiance you want for your room, every time.

Life is hard enough…why not let propane fireplace inserts from Hearthstone make your life just a bit easier?

Take a closer look at the fireplace inserts available from Hearthstone and learn more about their features, benefits and efficiency.

Insert Warmth and a Glow into Your Life–the Hearthstone Way!

The bottom line: propane inserts for your existing wood fireplace makes your fireplace more efficient. Who wouldn’t want that?

Clydesdale gas fireplace inserts heat up to a very generous 2,000 sq. ft. They come in matte black or brown enamel. Cast iron and soapstone construction are responsible for the generous heat output. If you’re looking to heat up a large area, the Clydesdale is the model for you! It’s large viewing area also provides ample view of the flames, creating just the right ambience you desire. Up to a 12-hour HeatLife and a 79% efficiency make this one of Hearthstone’s best sellers.

Don’t have the need for that much heat output? That’s fine. Hearthstone also offers Morgan fireplace inserts. This model comes in matte black only. This is a 1.7 cubic-foot firebox that heats up to 1,200 sq. ft. Offering an attractive design for any room in the house, the Morgan has a burn time of up to eight hours and a HeatLife of 10 hours!

Finally, the gas fireplace insert from Carina is a direct-vent insert that mounts into your wall for a unique and modern look. Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft. and comes with a durable Maxitrol GV60 ignition system and Smart remote control. It doesn’t get more efficient or easier to use than the Carina direct-vent gas fireplace insert.

Diversified Energy a Proud Distributor for Hearthstone

By now you can see that propane fireplace inserts are a viable option when it comes to your fireplace.

Find out more by visiting a Diversified Energy showroom at one of its eight North Carolina locations or its Mount Joy office in Pennsylvania. Hearthstone gas fireplace inserts are on display and you can sit with a representative to find out more about these product as well as details about your propane supply needs.

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