Astria Fireplace Products

Astria Fireplaces Light Up Your Life

Few things can add light, warmth, and ambiance to your home more than a gas fireplace.

Whether you’re warming up the room on a cold winter’s night or simply want to give the room an inviting glow while you’re relaxing, a gas fireplace or propane fireplace is the easiest and cleanest way to achieve what you’re looking for.

Astria is a major manufacturer of fireplaces and you can choose from a wide range of Astria propane fireplaces that would be a warm, welcome addition to any home. These modern, stylish fireplaces make any house a home!

Take a closer look at what home heating products Astria has to offer: you’re bound to find a gas fireplace that would look perfect in your family, living or even bedroom.
Here a Fireplace, There a Fireplace…

The largest line of Astria propane fireplaces are the direct-vent models.

Astria offers 18 direct-vent gas fireplace models. All offer great, clear views of the flames and are designed for optimal heat transfer. There are multi-sided models, which are great for corners, extending into a room or between rooms (so the view can be enjoyed from one side or the other); traditional shapes and rectangular shapes; and various sizes ranging from 33″ – 54″.

Other features include glossy black porcelain panels, ceramic glass, open-front style and ceramic fiber log sets.

Astria propane fireplaces or gas fireplaces include:

  • Aries and Aries CD
  • Gemini and Gemini CD
  • Scorpio and Scorpio CD
  • Orion LR
  • Altar and Altair DLX
  • Sentinel
  • Montebello DLX and DLXCD
  • Devonshire
  • Sirius
  • Venice Lights
  • Rhapsody

Multi- and see-through views include the Eros, Libra and Montebello, while vent-free model names are Gamma, Alpha, Paris Lights, Vega, Orion, Atlas, Valiant, Marquee, and Taurus.

Depending on the model, you can also get dual blowers and a remote control. A variety of ceramic fiber liners are also offered: from black reflective porcelain to an attractive brick look.

Astria also offers vent-free (nine models) and B-vent (three models: Mission, Marin and Rapture) gas fireplaces. Some models offer circulating radiant or louvered models. Optional outside air kits and blower kits are available for these types of fireplaces.

Whether you opt for a natural gas fireplace or propane fireplace, you’re assured of easy operation: you can hook it up to a wall switch and have an instant, clean flame every time. No ash residue, no smoke, no messy clean-up.

Diversified Energy – Certified Dealer for Astria

One of the leading propane supply companies in the eastern part of the U.S., with offices in North Carolina as well as Pennsylvania, Diversified Energy is proud to partner with Astria to offer you its fine products as well as installation and maintenance services.

Diversified Energy displays some models of Astria propane fireplaces in its showrooms. Stop by or call and find out more about this high-quality gas and propane fireplaces. Diversified Energy also stands ready to provide you with other propane services, including an automatic home delivery system, above- and underground storage tanks and propane water and pool heaters.

Give Diversified Energy a call at 800-719-1104 to discuss your propane needs and how they can help you enrich your home with an Astria gas fireplace.