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Astria manufactures high performing, efficient and aesthetically pleasing propane gas and wood burning fireplaces. Their contemporary fireplaces are stylish and stunning, making them the focal point in any room. Astria fireplaces offer much more than incredible designs; they are also some of the most energy efficient and tyuoechnologically advanced options available today.

Purchasing an Astria fireplace is a sure way to add a dramatic flair to any living or outdoor area. Diversified Energy can help you find and install the perfect option for your home along with arranging affordable residential propane deliveries.

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World class stylish and modern gas fireplaces

Astria’s range of gas fireplaces are quite extraordinary with an amazing selection of traditional and contemporary designs to show off your personal style. There are significant design differences between each model that can be further accentuated by your own choice of facades, screens, lighting, interior liner colors and patterns, realistic log designs and more.

Astria fireplaces are direct vent so that you can install them in just about any part of your home. You’ll find several innovative designs, including gas fireplaces with multiple viewing angles, masonry styles, clean faced designs, linear designs and even see through fireplaces that can be viewed both inside and outside the home.

With easy remote controlled operation, you can easily control heat settings to your comfort level. Each model is available in multiple dimensions and heat outputs so that you can find the perfect fit. With modern features like energy saving electronic ignition, “Full Flame” efficient burner technology, smart thermostats and more, you will find that Astria’s fireplaces are well-engineered and loaded with convenient features.

Several vent-free gas indoor fireplaces to choose from

Vent free fireplaces offer you the ultimate in flexibility, and Astria is one of the top producers of these fireplaces with several designs to choose from. Astria’s vent-free fireplaces are designed to operate safely and mimic the look of real fireplaces.

Multiple size options and heating outputs are available to suit your needs, and these fireplaces come with excellent warranties. You might choose a vent-free fireplace for the convenience of an easy and quick installation.

Elegant vent free outdoor gas fireplaces

To add a touch of luxury to your outdoor living area, consider installing an Astria vent-free outdoor gas fireplace. Astria offers an amazing selection of these fireplaces which feature rugged construction, a variety of designs, dimensions and heating outputs, and excellent warranties.
With vent-free engineering, these fireplaces can operate safely without needing an exhaust anywhere you would like. They are one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor living area, offering warmth, comfort and the realism of a wood fire.

Beautiful wood and electric fireplaces are available as well

Although Astria does not offer any freestanding stoves for home heating, they do offer a vast lineup of wood fireplaces if you prefer to go the traditional route, as well as few electric fireplaces with minimal installation requirements.

Astria’s wood-burning fireplaces are EPA certified and offer excellent energy efficiency. You’ll be able to choose the perfect design to match your preferences with just as many choices as the propane gas fireplaces, and they are built with the same commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Diversified Energy can answer questions that you may have about Astria’s unique home heating products and ensure that you find the right solution. Find your local service center and visit us in person or give us a call today to get more details about Astria’s gas and wood fireplaces.