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Why a Cajun Fryer is a Great Addition to Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re like 75% of U.S. homeowners, you have a propane grill in your backyard, and chances are great that you’ve prepared various types of food on that grill, maybe even tried some vegetarian recipes! But let’s face it, some foods are simply meant to be fried—you certainly know that if you’re living in the South—and that’s something your grill is not equipped to handle.

Let’s talk about an addition to your outdoor kitchen that will take your outdoor meal preparation to heights previously unexplored: a Cajun fryer!

Imagine adding hush puppies and French fries to your grilling repertoire. Or preparing a fried turkey for Thanksgiving to satisfy those true Southern family members for whom an oven-cooked bird simply won’t do!

Read on to learn how to use a Cajun fryer, what to use a Cajun fryer for, the types of Cajun fryers you can choose from, and where you can get your hands on this most magnificent appliance to add to your outdoor living area!

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How Does It Work?

A Cajun fryer is easy to use! First, add oil. Most people use vegetable oil, though you can use peanut oil as long as no one you’re cooking for has allergies. The rule of thumb is to fill the reservoir up to the point where 3-4 wires of the basket are not submerged. Then, heat the fryer up (a built-in thermometer gets the fryer to the right temperature), add your food of choice to the dip basket, and submerge the basket into the oil. In no time, your favorite fried dish is ready for your watering mouth!

If you have a divided fryer, you can prepare two different foods at the same time: on the one side, it might be a Cajun fish fryer, while in the next basket, you might be frying up hush puppies or French fries. 

And the Cajun fryer’s manufacturer, R & V Works, has thought of it all: a flue system designed so any bits of batter or breading falling around the burner is collected on the bottom, keeping the integrity of your cooking oil, and non-heat-conducting plastic handles on the baskets so the only thing getting fried is your food.

Care after use is easy, too: drain the oil through a fine mesh filter into a suitable container and store it in a cool, dry place. Then, lay the fryer on its side and hose it out, or fill it with water and heat it up, scrape off any residue with a spatula, and drain the water. To prevent rusting, it’s a good idea to spray the interior with cooking spray after cleaning.

Installation and Sizes

R & V Works produces a dozen different styles of high-quality carbon-steel Cajun fryers, ranging from a 2.5-gallon single basket model to a 17-gallon, six-basket monster capable of feeding up to 150 people PER HOUR!

Other sizes and configurations include:

  • 4-gallon, 2-basket (with or without stand)
  • 6-gallon, 2-basket (with or without stand)
  • 8.5-gallon, 3-basket
  • 12-gallon, 4-basket (divided)
  • 12-gallon, 4-basket (undivided)
  • 12-gallon, 2-basket (large institutional-sized baskets)

Installation is easy: you can assemble it yourself, or have an experienced propane technician put it together and, if so desired, install a dedicated propane gas line to the fryer, so you’re always ready to fire it up and produce those finger-lickin’ fried dishes at a moment’s notice.

For all models, you can add accessories such as patio mats, skimmers, and fryer covers.

What Can You Make

So, what besides French fries, hush puppies, and fried Thanksgiving turkey can you prepare in your Cajun fryer? There are plenty of traditional Southern dishes your Cajun fryer will be perfect for.

Any type of fish you like can be breaded and fried. You might like filets, shrimp, catfish—whatever fish is your favorite. 

You can also use your Cajun fryers to deep fry onion rings, Cornish hens, corn on the cob, chicken wings, bananas…even devilled eggs! For dessert, fry up some dough to make beignets—a Southern favorite!

Purchase From Diversified

So, where can you get your Cajun fryer? If you live in NC, that’s easy: Diversified Energy! Since this propane retailer carries the full line of R & V Works Cajun fryers and has eight locations across North Carolina as well as one in Mount Joy, PA, it’s a no-brainer to make Diversified your go-to for propane delivery, installation, and repair services. 

And once you have your Cajun fryer and dozens of recipes you can’t wait to get into those dip n’ flip baskets, all you need is the propane gas. Once again, of course: Diversified Energy.

Gas Up Your Home

Now that you know what new appliances you want to add to your kitchen, let us help you get there!

With 20+ years of experience, 25,000 satisfied customers, automatic watchdog propane delivery, 24-hour emergency leak repair, storage tank and gas line installation, and a long list of outdoor kitchen ideas to make your barbecue area the envy of any neighborhood, Diversified Energy is ready to be your #1 propane supplier.

A Cajun fryer + a leading NC-based propane supply company = Southern living at its best.