A nice looking propane stove keeping a house warm during the winter

Top Propane Stoves to Keep Your Home Cozy All Winter Long

Whether you plan to use it mainly as a secondary heat source or simply a practical and decorative way to heat a room or two in your home, a propane gas stove can be a welcome addition when it comes to long, harsh winters. If power outages rob you of your main heat supply or you wish to create the kind of ambiance a propane heating can provide, then a propane-fueled stove is for you.

Before you discount the idea of a freestanding stove as a heat source because you fear that it might not fit into your home’s style, consider that propane gas stoves blend the classic and the contemporary.

New models have the look of old wood-burning stoves while fitting right in with modern décor.

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Why else would a gas stove be a sensible move for you this winter?

Well, it could be cheaper to run a propane gas stove than it could your usual heat source. Propane gas stove heating gets warmer faster, so you’ll burn and spend less. Settle in for a movie night with the whole family in a den or family room on a cold winter’s night and let the propane stove keep you comfortable while you save a few dollars on your energy bill.

Additionally, a propane stove could add value to your home, as it offers a viable back-up heat source in the case of power outages.

If you’re in the market for a gas stove, Diversified Energy partners with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Want an Astria gas stove or a Kozy Heat gas stove? These two are just a couple of the names that produce top units that would easily meet your requirements. Let’s take a closer look at a few other top propane stoves available to help you decide which one would best keep YOUR home cozy this coming winter.


Regency, a leading producer of gas stoves, fireplaces, and inserts, offers seven different models of propane gas stoves. From a classic design that mimics the look of an authentic wood stove to three different models adequate for small, medium, or large areas, Regency is sure to have what you’re looking for when it comes to your gas stove heating needs.

The sleekest, most modern model is the Contura RC500E, a cylindrical unit available in black or white with a 3-sided view of the flames due to its curved design. There’s also the Ultimate U38 propane gas stove, freestanding or designed to fit into your existing fireplace. This also-modern stove heats larger areas, though the heat can be controlled for smaller rooms.

The Hampton Series includes:

  • H15: small 18,000-BTU unit whose heat can be turned down if needed
  • H27: stylish, for medium-sized areas
  • H35: direct-vent unit to heat larger areas; marries a classic look with modern decorative glass grilles


Specializing in gas fireplaces, inserts, and fireboxes, Pennsylvania-based Monessen manufactures the Sundance propane gas stove. This vent-free stove is medium-sized, so it’s suitable for heating nearly any area.

Handmade castings make this style stand out in any room in your home. Its cast-iron design lends it the look of an old wood stove. But make no mistake: this Monessen gas stove has what any modern shopper desires. You get remote controls and 99.99% efficiency. Talk about saving money!


What does Napoleon offer those looking for propane gas stoves? A wide selection of cast-iron, traditional designs, slender units to fit into any space, with elegant styles that complement the look of any home. Variable heat ranges, the best in heating efficiency, advanced burner systems, and electronic ignition are just a few of the capabilities and features inherent to Napoleon gas stoves.

In the company’s Distinct Series, you can choose the Haliburton or Havelock model, the former for small spaces and the latter complete with a large heat exchanger for extra heat on, particularly cold winter nights.

The Cast Iron Series has ten models, including the Arlington, Castlemore, and Bayfield, which vary in size and style and indirect or vent-free configurations.


With six models of freestanding propane gas stoves, Hearthstone is a proven leader in the field. Focusing on the classic look of true wood-burning units, Hearthstone gas stoves nonetheless fit into the most modern settings with their intricate cast-iron designs.

The models include:

  • Bristol (on-demand pilot only)
  • Waitsfield (on-demand pilot only)
  • Champlain (standing and on-demand pilot models)
  • Stowe (standing and on-demand pilot models)

Hearthstone gas stoves heat up to between 1,200 and 1,800 square feet. All models feature an on-demand pilot, which means the pilot is off and conserving energy—and thus saving you money!—when not in use. Turn-down capabilities, remote control, heat exchangers, and built-in blowers are other features of these gas stoves, dependent on the chosen model.

Gas Up Your Home

Keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter is important, and sometimes costly. Gas can save you money during these crucial times. Call us to find out how!

No matter what manufacturer and model you choose, you can turn to Diversified Energy to be with you every step of the way: from checking out units in our showroom to installation and propane delivery to bring the heat to your home this winter.