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Top Outdoor Fireplaces

Gathering around the fireplace on a cold winter’s night is a traditional image, but the fact is that fireplaces aren’t just for the living room anymore. A growing number of homeowners are adding outdoor fireplaces to their backyard settings; in 2018, the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA) reported that 10% of consumers were planning to add this feature to their outdoor entertaining areas.

If you’re one of those planning for this upgrade to your backyard patio, deck, or porch, what are some of the top brands you might consider?

We’ll take a look at several models offered by some of the top manufacturers of outdoor fireplaces so you can get an idea of what might work best for your particular tastes and expectations.

Diversified Energy partners with each of these manufactures, so you have a leading propane delivery company who can install, maintain, and provide propane gas for whichever outdoor fireplace you choose.

Kozy Heat

While mainly a manufacturer of indoor gas fireplaces and stoves, you might find a model appropriate for your outdoor space at Kozy Heat. Since Kozy Heat fireplaces are direct vent, meaning they do not need a flue, they could lend themselves for easy outdoor installation.

Some features of a Kozy Heat gas fireplace include:

  • Electronic ignition
  • Remote control
  • Lifetime glass
  • Flame regulator

You could speak to a Diversified Energy representative to determine if any Kozy Heat gas fireplace model is definitely suitable for outdoor installation.



Like Kozy Heat, Astria offers direct-vent or vent-free gas fireplace options for homeowners. They currently offer six models of gas outdoor fireplaces:

  • Starlite LX
  • Polaris
  • Berlin Lights
  • Barcelona Lights
  • Starlite
  • Venetian

Weather-resistant stainless steel, real firebrick lining, and easy access damper control are some of the features offered on most models. Some model-specific features include interior LED lights, outdoor weather covers, and Diamond Crystal glass media. Astria also offers two outdoor concrete log sets—Shady Hollow and Southern Comfort—simulating real firewood.

Screen opening sizes vary and range from 36” to 72”; 36” and 42” for the Starlite LX, Polaris, Starlite, and Venetian (which also offers a 50”). Berlin Lights comes in a 43”-only oblong shape, while the Barcelona Lights has the most size offerings (36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”).


While Hearthstone has several gas fireplaces to choose from, these are essentially indoor models. However, the company does manufacture fire pit and barbecue pit grills made of long-lasting cast iron.

Different cooking surfaces are available for the customizable cooking ring on the barbecue grill. Cooking rings are also offered for the fire pits.


Both the Riverside and Galaxy Series offered by Napoleon are outdoor fireplaces. Described as “modern and sleek,” these fireplaces are made of weather-resistant premium stainless steel.

Key features of the Galaxy include an LED light strip and electronic ignition, as well as a glass wind deflector that allows you to fire up the log set even in windy conditions. There’s also a safety valve so the gas supply turns off should the flame go out. This model comes only in a 48” size. The Riverside has three size configurations: 15”, 42”, and 47”; this model also features reflective porcelain panels and lower accent lights.

The 15” Riverside Torch is touted as a great accent piece not only for entryways but patios and gardens as well.

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Majestic outdoor fireplaces are just as their manufacturer’s name suggests. The company offers a line of gas fireplaces that can be installed on an exterior wall so that the flames can be enjoyed both indoors and out.

Features of outdoor fireplaces include brick interiors that simulate the look of authentic masonry; stainless steel construction; and IntelliFire Ignition System. Remote control and accent lighting are additional features included with some models.

Gas fireplaces that allow you to utilize both indoor and outdoor spaces include:

  • Fortress See-Through
  • Twilight II (boasting as the “world’s first see-thru indoor/outdoor gas fireplace”)
  • Lanai (the only model with a contemporary oblong viewing area)
  • Villa Gas
  • Courtyard
  • Regency

Two models of outdoor fireplaces are currently offered by Regency: the Horizon HZ042 and Horizon HZ060 and are an extension of their popular indoor Horizon gas fireplace line. Both models of these outdoor fireplaces have stainless steel burners meant specifically for outdoor use as well as an electronic ignition with weatherproof switch and tempered glass windshield so the flames can be ignited in any type of weather.

The larger HZ060 is a generous 60 inches and is offered in a single-sided or see-through configuration. The HZ042 includes a seasonal weather cover ideal for protecting your fireplace when not in use.