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How Does a Propane Fireplace Work?

Of all the possible propane use ideas, fueling a fireplace or a propane fireplace insert to have a supplemental home heating source is one of the top things a homeowner might consider. Propane fireplaces come in various models, designs, and sizes, so it’s easy to find the right one for your home. The same is true for a propane fireplace insert. 

Imagine you lose power to your home during a fierce winter storm, so along with it, you lose your primary heating source. If you’ve invested in a propane fireplace, with a simple flip of a switch, voila! You have instant heat to keep your family warm.

Are propane fireplaces that easy to use? Find out more here. We’ll look closely at how a propane fireplace works, detail a direct vent fireplace and a ventless option, and explore other facts about propane fireplaces and propane gas.

Easy to Operate and Cost Efficient

No kindling. No dampers to mess with. No ashy residue to clean up. No need to chop firewood and keep a stack on hand. A propane fireplace is a simple, clean, cost-efficient alternative to a wood-burning fireplace.

Yes, propane fireplaces are easy to use. They are hooked to a propane gas line from a propane storage tank. All you need to do is flip a switch to start the electronic ignition, and the flames spring to life. The flames are adjusted by turning a knob. The only other electric-powered part is the blower system.

Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, no chimney is necessary with a direct vent fireplace or a ventless propane fireplace. That’s where the efficiency comes in. Much of the heat generated by a wood-burning fireplace goes up in smoke as it is lost through the chimney. A propane fireplace results in more usable heat. By many estimates, a propane fireplace is up to five times as efficient as its wood-burning counterpart.

Another efficient aspect of a propane fireplace is that they are relatively maintenance-free. There’s no clean-up after you’ve enjoyed the flames, and there’s no need to add logs or keep logs on hand. You can enjoy the benefits of your propane fireplace without worrying about much upkeep.

Not only are propane fireplaces easy to operate and cost-efficient, but they are also easy to install. Plus, if you have an existing wood-burning fireplace, you can choose a propane fireplace insert, so the structure is already there. The damper is converted to the sealed pipe vent system for direct vent propane fireplaces. Easy installation, easy operation, easy on your bank account.

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Since the 1980s, a direct vent fireplace has been a safe and popular option for those seeking to install a propane fireplace. With a direct vent system, you get higher efficiency (about 85%), more heat, and better air quality than you’d get with a wood-burning fireplace. So, what exactly is a direct vent fireplace?

Without getting too bogged down in the minute details, a direct vent fireplace system consists of two pipes: one draws in air from the outside rather than inside the house for combustion, while the other vents the exhaust outdoors via the blower system, through the wall or roof. With a direct vent fireplace, you have a completely sealed glass panel able to withstand high temperatures, so any harmful particles are kept out of the home and vented to the outside. 

Another option is a ventless or vent-free propane fireplace. Even easier to install since there are no intake or exhaust pipes, a ventless propane fireplace is even more efficient—they burn at nearly 100% efficiency. These propane fireplaces draw air from inside and exhaust it into the home as heat. In part, the efficiency stems from the fact that the inside air is not as cold as the outside air, so it’s much quicker and easier to heat a room or multiple rooms using this system.

Why Propane Over Alternatives?

When you realize the benefits, you might ask, why not propane?

First, propane gas is plentiful. All propane gas consumed in the U.S. is produced in North America, so there’s no need to rely on other continents; in fact, the U.S. exports billions of gallons overseas each year in addition to being used in more than five million homes for home heating and more than 45 million homes for outdoor grills. 

Propane is also a clean energy source. It emits half the carbon dioxide of gasoline and is cleaner than natural gas. Both methane and nitrous oxide are released into the atmosphere for wood-burning fireplaces. Methane is more than 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. In the end, propane will not harm the air or soil the way other energy sources can, so you can feel good about choosing an eco-friendlier method of heating your home. 

In addition to its abundance and cleanliness, propane gas does not burn as quickly as natural gas. Natural gas burns more than twice as fast as propane. So, while you might pay more for propane, it will last longer, so it might be a cheaper alternative in the long run.

Finally, adding a propane fireplace increases the value of your home. The National Association of Realtors reports that a gas fireplace can add as much as $12,000 to the value of your home. If you’re planning to sell your home in the next few years, installing a propane fireplace could be a unique feature drawing prospective buyers to your property.

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