Rinnai Super-High Efficiency Tankless Water Heaters

Is your traditional storage water heater simply not keeping up with your family’s demands? Run the dishwasher, throw a load of laundry through the washer, and whoops, the hot water runs out halfway through your teen’s long shower.

The perfect solution? A tankless water heater from Rinnai, which gives you the opportunity for an endless supply of hot water.

With four series of super-high efficiency models to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to make sure your home has the hot water it needs on-demand.

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RUCS SE Series Condensing


Typically, large homes = large families. And large families use lots of hot water: showers, load after load of laundry, a full dishwasher every day. Sometimes, that can be more than a traditional storage tank water heater can handle, so you’re forced to forego washing the dishes if everyone needs to run through the shower.

In the RUCS SE series, you can select one of four indoor-only tankless water heater systems; two natural gas and two propane gas models:

  • RUCS65iN
  • RUCS65iP
  • RUCS75iN
  • RUCS75iP

The 65 models feature 2-3 fixtures, while the 75 models allow for 2-4 fixtures.


RUS SE Series Condensing


Like the RUCS series, the RUS models of tankless water heaters from Rinnai offer two natural gas and two propane gas units.

And Rinnai can boast about being the only manufacturer of tankless water heaters to offer multiple options for venting the same unit. With a RUS model, you’re sure to find exactly what you need to meet your specifications when it comes to supplying your home with endless hot water.

With a RUS unit, you also get the ability to give voice-activated commands. Integrated with Amazon Alexa (the first water heater to feature this technology), you can use more than 20 commands to operate your water heater system.


RU SE Series Condensing


Have a new home or simply want to upgrade from your old water heater? Rinnai has a 16-model RU SE series designed specifically for these purposes. You can choose from several outdoor- or indoor-only, natural gas or propane gas units that will meet your expectations.

The following feature four options each, two propane and two natural gas, two indoor and two outdoor models:

  • RU130: allowing for 2-3 fixtures
  • RU160: allowing for 2-5 fixtures
  • RU180: allowing for 3-5 fixtures
  • RU199: allowing for 3-6 fixtures

The RU series offers Rinnai’s recirculation technology, providing faster hot water and that opportunity to set habit-based patterns to make the system even more efficient.


RUR SE Series Condensing


From an enhanced mobile app for remote control capabilities to smart voice-controlled activation, the eight models in Rinnai’s RUR series have the latest technologies that give you the most efficient, energy-saving way to bring endless hot water into your home.

This series features the ThermaCirc360. With this technology, you don’t need to reconfigure your existing plumbing or add another line; with a simple thermal bypass valve, the unit uses your cold water line for recirculation. Easy installation, the fastest way to get hot water, and the ability to set recirculation schedules mean that the RUR series really puts the SUPER in super-high efficiency tankless water heaters.

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Benefits of Super-High Efficiency and Tankless


With an energy factor of 0.93, the savings you’ll enjoy on your energy bill with a super-high efficiency is probably the biggest benefit of going this route. And, of course, the convenience of having all the hot water you need day in and day out, without ever the danger of running out, makes tankless the way to go.

Then there’s the space-saving feature of a tankless water heater system. At the size of a small suitcase, a tankless water heater system can be mounted on outside or inside walls, depending on the model. So, you can install the units inside closets, on basement walls, or in kitchen or bathroom cabinets, so there’s no more space being hogged by a storage tank water heater.

Add to this the fact that tankless water heaters require much less maintenance and last at least twice as long as traditional water heaters, and there’s little doubt that the benefits of such a system certainly make a strong argument for bringing this technology into your home.


About Rinnai


Established in 1920 in Japan, Rinnai Corporation introduced their first tankless water heater the following year. The U.S. arm of the company, Rinnai America Corporation, opened in Los Angeles in 1974 and relocated to LaGrange, GA, in 1987. Since 1999, Rinnai has sold thirty million tankless water heaters and has made great strides in introducing innovative and technological features on many of its systems.

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Together, Diversified and Rinnai have what it takes to put you in—and keep you in—all the hot water your family depends on.