Navien Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Products and Accessories

The green of standard is not just a novelty. It is the way many industries are moving, and fast, to respond to the changing demands and interests of Americans all across Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

We have a wide range of products from Navien, one of the leading providers for energy-efficient hot water products.

Navien gas tankless water heaters are meticulously designed for efficiency. The approach is simple. Navien sought to provide the best results at the lowest monthly cost regardless of how often you use your hot water.

How can we help?

Your energy bills will go down and your satisfaction will go up. It’s a basic formula. With Naviens’ product lineup, you can take advantage of some of the best features in the industry.

  • Incredible Design: Trading copper for stainless steel, Navien gas tankless heaters are far more resistant to common erosion and natural wear. The stainless steel heat exchangers, in particular, provide valuable durability.
  • Greater Control: An intuitive remote option allows you to make minute adjustments, calibrating your system exactly how you want it.
  • Options: Choose to use natural gas or propane water heaters.
  • Automation: Automatic filling will alert you when the system is running low in water.
  • Energy-Efficient: Low emission keeps Navien water heaters more environmentally-friendly as well as more affordable to maintain and use.

There’s so many features you can implement when you get one of these industry-leading systems in your home. We have endless hot water products for you to peruse. Contact us today to learn
more about how you can improve your system. Utilize tankless water heaters for maximum efficiency. Consider applying cost-saving propane to reduce your monthly home maintenance bottom line every month. These solutions will save you and your family.

Upgrading to a Navien natural or propane gas powered tankless water heater or condensing boiler will immediately improve your hot water availability while lowering your energy bills at the same time. Read on to learn more about these innovative water heaters, and contact Diversified Energy today if you would like to schedule an installation or if you have any questions about these water heaters or setting up a regular delivery for your propane supply.