Navien Gas Combi-Boilers

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We work with only the best to deliver top-tier propane water heaters from industry-leading masters.

Navien has led the charge towards energy-efficient tankless waters and condensing boilers for residential use. You can save money on your monthly bills while maximizing efficiency and control.

Perhaps no boiler product better captures these qualities than the Navien gas combi-boilers. These boilers provide the biggest and most immediate bang for your buck. Reap the rewards immediately with industry-leading features and the highest levels of energy-efficiency out there now.

How can we help?

  • Get Instant Hot Water: No delay, no waiting period. Hot water, right now. It’s that simple.
  • Alert: The system will alert you automatically when the water is getting low. This allows you to stay right on top of your levels.
  • Instant Control: With a remote control, you can calibrate the system exactly as you want it. The easy-access panel unfolds to let you make quick adjustments, diagnosis an issue, and more.
  • Better Quality Design: Navien gas combi boilers are designed out of stainless steel, instead of copper. This gives your system greater durability and slow corrosion.

No solution works for everyone. There are subtle differences between, say, propane water heaters and natural gas, tankless or otherwise. Review our endless hot water products to find the perfect fit for your home situation.

Contact our team at Diversified Energy today if you want to lower your energy bill and deploy a system that can really change your situation.

What are the real cost savings of propane? How do you maintain a propane system? We are more than happy to answer any questions about propane to help you figure out the best approach.

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