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Navien has become known for being a leader when it comes to manufacturing green and energy efficient water heaters. The company produces some of the most reliable and advanced residential tankless waters and condensing boilers available anywhere which are designed to provide homes with endless hot water regardless of how often it is used.

Upgrading to a Navien natural or propane gas powered tankless water heater or condensing boiler will immediately improve your hot water availability while lowering your energy bills at the same time. Read on to learn more about these innovative water heaters, and contact Diversified Energy today if you would like to schedule an installation or if you have any questions about these water heaters or setting up a regular delivery for your propane supply.

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Super-efficient gas tankless water heaters

If you have noticed that your hot water supply is often low as a result of heavy usage in your home, purchasing a Navien tankless water heater is a quick solution that can always guarantee endless hot water no matter how many people are using it at once, along with plenty of other benefits:

  • Preheating Technology – Navien smart technology on some of their tankless models will recognize hot water usage patterns and preheat water accordingly for the fastest response.
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers – Instead of copper, Navien tankless water heaters use stainless steel heat exchangers which are corrosion and erosion resistant and have lower mineral deposits.
  • Low Emissions – Navien tankless water heaters are equipped with features that reduce emissions including a metal fiber burner that delivers a consistent air and gas mixture.
  • Natural Gas or Propane – You can choose your preferred fuel source for Navien tankless water heaters, as they are field convertible to liquid propane or natural gas.
  • Versatile Control – You can choose to add a remote control for the utmost in hot water temperature control. The front panel command center also offers an easy to use interface to adjust temperatures easily and perform diagnostics.

Navien Combi-boilers offer efficient home and water heating

For a green solution to both home and water heating, Navien produces a line of innovative condensing gas boilers that provide endless on-demand hot water as well as effective space heating. Below are just a few of the benefits of these innovative heating solutions:

  • Instant Hot Water – Just like the tankless water heaters, Navien’s Combi-boilers offer endless hot water on demand, heating water as it is needed.
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers – The Combi-boilers are also equipped with a stainless steel heat exchanger for better durability.
  • Automatic Filling – The system senses when space heating pipes need to be filled due to a water shortage.
  • Hydronic Heating Is Cleaner – Navien Combi-boilers utilize innovative hydronic heating to heat up a space. The system circulates warm water through the tubing and baseboards of a home. Hydronic heating is cleaner because there’s no dust, and it is silent as well.

At Diversified Energy, we can assist you with installing any Navien product that you may be interested in purchasing, and guide you to the right endless water heater for your needs. Visit your local service center today for more information about Navien’s innovative water heating products.