Bradford White Infiniti Tankless Water Heaters

For many, endless hot water seems like an unattainable dream. Imagine running a few showers, a dishwasher, and a washing machine, and never once having the hot water turn lukewarm or, worse, cold. Impossible, you say?

It IS possible with a Bradford White Infiniti tankless water heater!

From advanced technology to noticeable savings in your energy bill, there are many reasons why it’s a smart idea to choose a Bradford White tankless water heater model to serve your hot water needs.

You can choose from an indoor or outdoor model in the Infiniti series of tankless water heaters, which are designed for residential use.

Noted as a leading, innovative manufacturer of both tankless and traditional water heaters for residential or commercial use, Bradford-White started in 1881 and today employs 1,500 workers in four locations across the United States. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania and, in addition to water heaters, produces space heating, combination heating, and storage products promoting reliability, energy savings, and efficiency.

Excited about the prospect of having hot water on demand? Of never running out of hot water no matter how much you use? Then read on to explore details and features of Bradford White’s Infiniti models of tankless water heaters to see which one would be right for you.

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Condensing Indoor

As you might guess, this Infiniti K Series Tankless Condensing Gas Water Heater, which can be powered with natural or propane gas, can easily be installed in your basement or attic on an exterior or interior wall.

    This unit features best-in-class STEADISET Technology, which keeps the water at a consistent temperature without the use of an internal buffer tank. Other best-in-class features of the Infiniti condensing indoor tankless water heater include:

  • Venting lengths (2” – 3” PVC or polypropylene, up to 280 feet)
  • Scale reduction technology (lowers maintenance costs and extends life of the unit)
  • Active bypass (for temperature stability)
  • Low flow rate efficiency (activation at 0.45 gpm)
  • Modulation (22:1 turn down ratio)

Add in space-saving and ease of installation, overall performance, ENERGY STAR qualification, and digital controls, and it’s apparent that Bradford White tankless water heaters represent how water heaters should work when they are efficient and energy-saving.

Bradford White offers the BUILTBEST Extended Limited Warranty Upgrade, which extends the warranty for two or four additional years on a residential tankless water heater. This extension covers component parts and the tank.

Condensing Outdoor

With the outdoor Infiniti K Series Tankless Condensing Gas Water Heater, you get all the same great features that are available in the indoor model. This unit is installed outside your home, which can make it easier whenever the unit needs to be serviced. Outdoor installation is also convenient if you do not want to give up any interior wall space for one or more units.

When it comes to installing either an indoor or outdoor unit, Bradford White has kept it easy with a self-calibrating gas valve that removes the need for a combustion analyzer. Other components that make installation easy include top connections and built-in flush ports.

Both indoor and outdoor models come in 160k and 199k BTU configurations. The copper/stainless steel piping of the water heater’s heat exchanger is designed to keep scaling at a minimum, so the unit lasts longer than other types of water heaters.

    Other appealing features of the Infiniti K Series Tankless Condensing Water Heater are:

  • Included pressure relief valve
  • Built-in flush valves
  • Built-in freeze protection
  • Flushing condensate trap
  • External inlet water filter
  • External recirculation pump wiring

An intelligent cascading kit allows up to 24 units to be connected together. You can be confident that no matter the size of your home, you can easily attach as many units are required to meet your hot water needs. This cascading kit is offered in both the indoor and outdoor models.

What’s more, a conversion kit is NOT needed if you wish to convert your tankless water heater from natural to propane gas or vice versa. Bradford White went all-out when it came to convenience for the design of their tankless water heaters!

If you choose propane and live in North Carolina or near Mount Joy, PA, you can rely on Diversified Energy, a leading East Coast propane retailer, to deliver the gas you need for your tankless water heater. Diversified has eight service locations throughout NC that service the entire state as well as parts of South Carolina and Virginia. They also have licensed technicians who can install and maintain Bradford White tankless water heaters as well as other gas products such as grills, stoves, and fireplaces.

Diversified Energy showrooms often display manufacturer products, so you could have the opportunity to view a Bradford White Infiniti K Series Tankless Condensing Gas Water Heater. See how it works firsthand and ask qualified technicians any questions you might have about the system.