Bradford White Gas Traditional Water Heaters

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, Bradford White has what you need.Bradford White water heaters provide the best in innovation, energy efficiency, and technology. Our traditional gas water heaters stand apart, with performance-enhancing venting and responsive heating for peak efficiency and dependability.

So, what do traditional Bradford White hot water heaters have to offer?

Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

If you’re using gas, Bradford White offers a number of models to supply you with the hot water you need:

  • Atmospheric vent and atmospheric vent high input water heaters
  • Atmospheric vent fan-assist water heaters
  • Damper atmospheric vent hot waters
  • Direct vent water heaters
  • Power vent and power direct vent water heaters

Gas hot water heaters are ENERGY STAR compliant and contain advanced temperature control systems for consistency and accuracy, corrosion-protected tanks, and a gas control system that eliminates the need to have the pilot light lit continuously, thus lowering gas consumption.

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About Bradford White

As a manufacturer of gas and electric hot water heaters that began generating energy-saving products in 1881, Bradford White operates an extensive, state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Middleville, MI.

U.S.-based Bradford White is headquartered in Philadelphia and also has plants in Niles, MI, and Rochester, NH, as well as a company in Canada.

Available from Diversified Energy

For many NC, SC, VA, and PA residents, Diversified Energy is the propane company that can power your gas Bradford White hot water heater.

Automatic home delivery, storage tank installation, repairs, and gas line installation are just some of the many services Diversified Energy offers our valued customers. If you’ve chosen a Bradford White water heater, why not rely on the propane company that partners with this manufacturer for maintenance and upkeep?

Let the powerful combination of Bradford White and Diversified Energy bring you hot water in the most efficient, reliable, and energy-efficient way available.