Bradford White Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Want to save money and have access to an endless supply of hot water? Bradford White tankless water heaters let you do both!

Michigan-based, international company Bradford White, grown from 1881 into a leading manufacturer of energy-saving products, currently offers consumers two propane endless water heaters: the Infiniti and the Kwickshot. The Infiniti is offered in mid- and high-efficiency models.


Temperature stability and increased savings are among the highlights of the Infiniti tankless propane hot water heaters from Bradford White. A digital interface lets you control and monitor the system and featured Scale Reduction Technology increases the life of your product.

Other features of this condensing tankless water heater series include built-in freeze protection, self-calibrating gas valve and indoor/outdoor configurations.

Kwickshot Instantaneous

You can choose the Kwickshot propane endless water heaters in point of use or whole-home configurations. This model is an eye-opening 99% efficient, with a built-in Integral Flow Restrictor that guarantees a proper rise in temperature–every time. There’s no stand-by heat loss with this system!

What’s more, Kwickshot propane endless water heaters are easy to install–no sweat connection needed. For both residential and commercial use.

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Heat It Up with Diversified Energy

Bradford White is just one of many Diversified Energy partner brands available to residents of North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina.

Based in NC, Diversified Energy provides propane delivery, installation and products such as fireplace inserts, stoves, grills and water heaters. You can visit one of eight showroom locations in NC or the Mout Joy, PA, area office and check out any of these products–including the Bradford White tankless water heaters–for yourself.

Let the team of Bradford White and Diversified Energy give you on-demand hot water, energy efficiency and service and products you can count on, which are powered by affordable propane gas.