Bradford Electric Water Heaters

Looking for a high-quality and efficient electric water heater? Bradford White has what you’re looking for!

Bradford electric water heaters have many of the same or similar features found on their gas models; for instance, their tankless hot water models come in both gas and electric formats. Other types of electric water heaters from Bradford White include lowboy, utility, upright, compact, and wall hung models.

Bradford White designs allow you to place your water heater anywhere you need to while maintaining performance and efficiency. Bradford White is just one of many Diversified Energy partner brands that you can rely on.

Utility Bradford Electric Water Heaters

With a compact design, the utility model is one of the most efficient Bradford electric water heaters available. Great for small homes or businesses where the demand for hot water is low or inconsistent.

Upright Bradford Electric Water Heaters

Get the most hot water you need without high costs! The powerful energy-saving attributes of the Hydrojet Total Performance System ensures reduced buildup, more efficient temperature mixing, and supreme hot water delivery.

Lowboy Bradford Electric Water Heaters

Need to put a water heater in a crawlspace? A closet? The residential lowboy model is perfect for tight spaces, but this water heater does not lack in hot water delivery or efficiency for what it lacks in size.

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Wall Hung Bradford Electric Water Heaters

Another space-saving model, the wall hung water heater is easily installed and is an option when even the compact lowboy model won’t do. It is available in up to 19-gallon models, the same size as available in the lowboy or utility models.

Powerful Compact Bradford Electric Water Heaters

Maybe you have a utility sink in a shed or garage that’s far from your main water heater–this model is for you! It is an on-demand water heater with a 2-gallon capacity, with mounting capabilities on the sink or on the wall.

So whether you need Diversified Energy propane supply or highly efficient electric products, the duo of Diversified Energy and Bradford White is here for you!