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Bradford White has been in the business of producing residential and commercial water heaters since 1881 and is an American company headquartered in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Bradford White produces high quality and energy efficient electric and propane gas tankless water heaters, along with a wider range of traditional water heaters.



If you are interested in Bradford White water heating products, we are an authorized dealer who can answer your questions and help you find the perfect solution for your home or business or arrange a regular propane supply delivery at excellent rates.

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On demand propane gas tankless water heaters

Bradford White is a top producer of on-demand gas powered endless water heaters. These are high-efficiency models with a number of features designed to improve energy savings and heat output:

  • Endless Hot Water – With a Bradford White tankless water heater you can use as much hot water as you wish in your home so that you can do dishes, laundry, shower, etc. at the same time.
  • Scale Reduction Technology – Their water heaters are equipped with exclusive scale reduction technology that can prolong the life of the unit and ensure that maintenance costs are kept as low as possible.
  • Installation Flexibility – The lack of a tank, as well as a wide range of venting options, allows for a greater level of installation flexibility. Some Bradford White tankless water heaters are available with a concentric vent kit which requires only one penetration through the roof or a wall.
  • Excellent Warranties – Bradford White tankless water heaters come with excellent warranties, for example, the Infiniti series offers a 12-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on other parts.

Energy efficient electric tankless water heaters

Bradford White also offers electric tankless water heaters with similar features as their gas tankless water heaters:

  • Continuous Hot Water – The electric tankless water heaters offer instantaneous hot water when required and will not run out even with extended use.
  • Easy Installation – These water heaters offer installation flexibility and space saving with a lack of a storage tank.
  • Better Efficiency – The heater is only activated on demand by the flow switch so that there is no standby heat loss.
  • Safety Features – A high-temperature limit switch protects the water heater from burn out with a reset button.

Traditional gas and electric water heaters

Even if you prefer to go with a traditional tank water heater, Bradford White also produces a range of standard gas and electric water heaters that offer a number of advantages including excellent energy efficiency, responsive heating, and industry-leading warranties. The advanced venting on their water heaters also results in improved performance and extra efficiency.

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The propane gas tankless water heaters offered by Bradford White are an excellent choice no matter what your needs are, as they are efficient and convenient and will allow you to enjoy the endless hot water. If you have any questions about the specific models offered by Bradford White, please visit us or call your local Diversified Energy service center today.