Propane Storage Tanks in Wallace, NC

If you’re a Wallace, NC resident not currently using propane and are considering—wisely—doing so, among the first things you’ll need to do is determine which propane use ideas best suit you. Will you use propane for just an outdoor grill, for an alternative heat source such as a fireplace, or for most of your energy needs?

Whatever you decide, you’ll next select the best propane delivery Wallace, NC, and propane storage tanks Wallace, NC, so you can receive and have on hand exactly the amount of propane you’ll require each month.

Diversified Energy happens to be a top propane supply Wallace, NC company who can meet all of your propane delivery and service needs, including the sale, delivery, and installation of your propane storage tank.

We’ll take you through the storage tank process as well as discuss all of Diversified Energy’s propane services, contact information, and history, so you are comfortable with the knowledge that Diversified is your best option moving forward.

Diversified Energy Propane Services

Propane storage tanks are just a small part of what Diversified Energy does.

In addition to propane storage tank sales, leasing, and installation, you can count on Diversified for a timely, scheduled “watchdog” propane delivery service. This means that your propane usage is monitored, and propane is delivered when you need it—automatically! No need for you as the customer to monitor your tank or calculate usage, it’s all done for you.

Diversified Energy also lays out and install gas lines in existing homes, new construction, and commercial properties; responds 24/7 to leaks and other emergencies; and sells, installs, and maintains all kinds of propane appliances and units, including fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves, grills, tankless water heaters, furnaces, pool heaters, generators, and even lighting products.

They partner with manufacturing leaders of these products, working closely with such recognizable brands as Broilmaster, Hearthstone, Kozy Heat, Bradford White, and Majestic.

With seasoned and friendly technicians, auto-draft payment options, lock and cap pricing for budget-conscious customers, leak testing, the securing of construction permits, and a total of nine showrooms for customers to examine product models and ask questions, Diversified Energy is truly your one-stop for propane supply Wallace, NC.

Tank Sizes Offered

A key service of Diversified Energy is to sell a variety of propane storage tank sizes, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for as a customer of this propane retailer.

From the basic-use 120-gallon vertical or horizontal tank to the largest 1,000-gallon tank for large homes and commercial buildings, Diversified has every type of customer covered when it comes to propane storage.

Other tank sizes/configurations include:

  • 250-gallon: small home heating and back-up heating alternatives; horizontal only
  • 330-gallon: main and backup heating sources for medium-sized homes; horizontal only
  • 500-gallon: large home heating and multiple appliance use, such as stoves, grills, and water heaters; horizontal only

The size tank you’ll require is calculated by determining a 30-day supply to power all of your propane products; all sizes can be either purchased.

All sizes are available for purchase.

Requirements for Installation

For a propane storage tank to be installed, certain requirements must be met. For instance, placement must allow for delivery truck access to within 100 feet.

While the 120-gallon tank can be situated directly beside a home or building, all other tank sizes must be set all least 10 feet from the structure.

Any tank size can be installed underground if that is your preference. It is recommended that licensed contractors like those from Diversified Energy handle installing an underground propane storage tank, as safety codes and other regulations must be met.


The Wallace, NC Diversified Energy office can be reached at 910-285-2471 Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office is closed on weekends. The fax number is 910-285-6905. An online contact form is also available on their website.

About Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy is the result of a joining of 19 of North Carolina’s Electric Membership Cooperatives that sought to provide alternative energy options to state residents. Since 2000, Diversified has offered propane delivery, storage, repair, and installation services to NC and parts of SC, VA, and PA.

Diversified Energy prides itself on making customer service a #1 priority and putting the community first in its efforts to bring propane as an energy source to as many households and businesses as possible.The 31st largest propane retailer in the country, Diversified Energy operates eight NC offices and a Mount Joy, PA, location that serve more than 25,000 customers. With one of these offices found directly in Wallace, NC, residents can enjoy the convenience of having their propane supply Wallace, NC company right in their own backyard!