Propane Storage Tanks in Wake Forest, NC

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Closed Saturday & Sunday. Contact us at (919) 556-7650

If you’re lucky enough to live in the small, vibrant town of Wake Forest, NC, along with about 35,000 other residents, you might rely on propane gas to meet your heating, cooking, and energy source needs. Of course, you’ll need a dependable supplier who is always there to meet those needs. In that case, you can turn to Diversified Energy, a leading East Coast propane retailer with a convenient location that services Wake Forest and the surrounding areas. Diversified Energy is your go-to when it comes to propane storage tanks in Wake Forest, NC.

Diversified Energy Propane Services

Looking for reliable propane delivery? Need gas lines installed?

Diversified Energy can handle all of this and more. For instance, our automatic propane delivery system, known as the “watchdog” system, electronically monitors your propane usage. This system ensures that your propane levels are never too low for your daily needs. Diversified’s trucks are in touch with the computerized system, so you’re guaranteed uninterrupted propane usage.

What else can you expect as a customer of Diversified Energy? Simply the following:

  • Pricing options: you can select the cap price option to secure potentially lower propane prices for the winter, or a lock price that allows you to lock in lower rates before prices typically rise
  • Budget Pay: set up an equal payment plan so you can easily budget the cost of propane each month
  • 24-hour emergency services: whether you have a dangerous gas leak or your heat’s gone out when you need it most, Diversified is there
  • New installation: from securing permits to designing piping layouts, Diversified is prepared to help both residential and commercial customers with installation of new systems and products

Propane Tank Sizes Offered

The following tank sizes are available for sale or purchase from Diversified Energy:

  • 120-gallon: for limited residential use such as cooking or space heating
  • 250-gallon: designed for moderate usage, also for heating or cooking
  • 330-gallon: provides enough propane for medium home heating and supplemental usages, such as hot water and additional heating sources
  • 500-gallon: for large home heating or for a home using all-gas appliances
  • 1,000-gallon: large home heating as well as multiple uses such as pool heating, hot water, and cooking

Both the 500- and 1,000-gallon tanks are also used for commercial applications. Only the 120-gallon tank comes in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Each tank provides a 30-day supply of propane.

Requirements for Installation

All tank sizes, except for the 120-gallon, must be set a minimum of 10 feet from a home or building; the 120-gallon can be installed right next to a structure. Diversified ensures that tanks are accessible by delivery trucks up to 100 feet from the tank. Tanks are installed in a location that protects them from incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the premises.

Diversified is licensed to install propane storage tanks underground as the home- or business owner desires. All other codes and safety precautions are met, and guidelines adhered to in the delivery, set up, and monitoring of propane storage tanks.


Diversified Energy’s Wake Forest service location at 225 Weathers Street, Youngsville, NC, is found approximately 25 miles east of Durham and Chapel Hill. Don’t be fooled by The Fireplace Depot name; a sign proclaiming the office home of Diversified Energy is clearly visible. 

The office number is 919-556-7650 or toll-free at 866-847-4700. The Wake Forest office serves Greater Wake Forest, Youngsville, Rolesville, Neuse, Falls, Stony Hill, New Light, Grissom, Franklinton, Wilton, Louisburg, Hopkins, and Zebulon.

About Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy has a 20-year history of providing professional, quality propane service and delivery to more than 25,000 customers throughout North Carolina as well as parts of SC, VA, and PA.

Diversified started as part of an initiative to deliver new energy solutions to NC. Today we are the 31st-largest propane retailer in the U.S. We partner with leading propane product manufacturers such as Kozy Heat, Broilmaster, Bradford White, Hearthstone, and others to bring propane stoves, grills, fireplaces, lighting, water heaters, and more to homes and businesses.

With a total of nine service locations throughout NC and Mount Joy, PA, Diversified Energy is ready to handle the propane demands of its ever-growing customer base.