Propane Storage Tanks in Shallotte, NC

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If you’re thinking of making propane your energy source of choice you’re going to need a storage tank for the gas needed to power your grill, fireplace, or other appliance. The good news is that a top propane retailer has an office servicing Shallotte, NC: Diversified Energy.

Diversified Energy Propane Services

In addition to tank leasing or sales options, Diversified Energy offers its 25,000+ customers high-quality customer satisfaction and professionalism in all areas of propane supply delivery, repair, and installation.

As a Diversified Energy customer, you’ll benefit from:

  • Automatic “Watchdog” Propane Delivery: An electronic system that allows Diversified to monitor your propane usage and know just when to make a delivery before you run out. You’ll never find yourself stuck without propane again!
  • Pricing Options: Save money and avoid hikes in propane gas prices during the winter with cap price and lock price options that allow you an affordable monthly or bi-monthly payment.
  • Emergency Service: Got a gas leak? Is your heat not working in the dead of winter? Diversified has 24-hour emergency services to ensure both your safety and comfort.

Tank Sizes Offered

  • 120-gallon: If you’re using propane to heat your water or for cooking, this size is recommended and can be installed next to the home.
  • 250-gallon: Smaller home heating or supplemental heating are among the main uses for this size of tank.
  • 330-gallon: For heating and providing hot water to a medium-sized home. Typical usage for this size reflects 200 to 400 gallons per month.
  • 500-gallon: Large home heating and having propane for multiple other uses is best supplied by this size of tank.
  • 1000-gallon: The largest homes with multiple uses including heating needs might need this tank size.

Only the 250-gallon tank comes in vertical, and all other sizes are horizontal tanks. All tanks provide a 30-day supply of fuel.

When it comes to propane storage tanks, installation safety and code compliance are guaranteed by Diversified Energy. Experienced and efficient staff will be available to install your tank and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Requirements for Installation

Your property must be able to handle the minimum code requirements addressing the location of an installed propane storage tank; for instance, there must be a minimum of ten feet between the tank and the home.

Delivery trucks must have access to the storage tank. A minimum of 100 feet is needed for this access. If you need more information about the minimum usage guidelines, contact Diversified Energy.


The Shallotte, NC Diversified Energy office can be reached at (855) 639-7878. Diversified Energy’s main number is 800-849-9232. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions concerning new or existing service.

About Diversified Energy

Established in 2000, Diversified Energy has developed into the 31st largest retailer of propane in the U.S. and is one of the largest on the East Coast. It prides itself on being built on top customer service values and safety adherence.

There are eight North Carolina Diversified Energy locations, as well as a Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, office. The company serves customers throughout NC as well as parts of SC, VA, and PA. Showrooms display working products such as gas fireplaces, and staff customer service representatives are available to discuss all of your propane needs. Contact Diversified Energy for all of your propane needs.

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